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Should I wait for A. Ravi or pull for F Cecilia? [3]

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  • Crescence[Crelian]
  • 2019.08.01 07:32 (UTC+0)
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I got 500 mystic from floor 88. Should I use it for Fallen Cecilia or wait for Apocalypse Ravi? I already have Sol and C. Dom as glass Cannon and F Kluri as really got pve tank. Man I want both girls but having both seems slim.

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    2019.08.01 07:38 (UTC+0)

    I think both choices are just fine.

    If you do want ML CC, go ahead and try to summon her. She will be indirectly buffed after the ML rebalance. 

    If you want JUST Ap Ravi, save your mystics for next week.

    There's really no wrong choice here. The only thing I'd say is not to summon just because of the refund, rather think of the refund as a bonus/discount, and ask yourself if you really want which of the two heroes in question here.

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    2019.08.01 07:49 (UTC+0)

    Just remember the Mystic & ML BMs refund only counted until August 2nd  14.59 UTC.

    If you use those 500 mystic now, you will get refund 50% of it = 250 on August 8th. 

    Equal to : 10 pulls on F.Ceci & 5 pulls on A.Ravi.

    But it won't be counted into 200 Guaranteed pull that will be implemented next week.

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