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[EUROPE] Calytrix is ready to bloom!

Hello there! As you might be able to tell from the title, our guild named Calytrix is looking for new members to get us started with growing and steadily making our way up to greater rewards and a friendly community for everyone to be involved with.

Right now it's just me and my fellow founder of the organization, so it's difficult as you might imagine for us to raise our level as is. The level requirement is only 20 right now, as it's our aim to just be a casual, easy-going guild. A personal goal of mine is to become familiar and talk with those that decide to join, so we can become more than just a bunch of strangers that fight in wars for free stuff.

Aside from entry, there's no requirements needed in order to stay. While it's preferred we get the help anyone can give in wars, there won't be any punishing or anything like that if you don't. We're eager to get this ship sailing, so if you wanna help us grow, search Calytrix up and hop right in!

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