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Limited artifact Guaranteed (if only) [3]

If I had to choose between limited Hero or limited Artifact, then the hero is obviously better.

I really wish that limited banners has artifact and hero guaranteed at 121.


121 -> guaranteed limited banner hero.

120 -> guaranteed limited banner artifact. (Guaranteed unless the artifact has dropped before 120 - Does not reset counter.)

I went 242 pulls and got 2 SS bellona, but not a single limited artifact. I'd much rather not get any other 5* artifact and get the limited one instead. I did 2nd pity to get the artifact, but nothing.

I'm still super happy with Bellona, but would have loved to get her "limited" artifact as well. (just want 1 copy)

It's a nice dream, but I guess they aren't going to do that even after many people asked and talked about this with the last limited banner.

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    2019.08.01 04:27 (UTC+0)

    Me too but i stopped at 1st pity. :(

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    2019.08.01 05:06 (UTC+0)

    Is there any limited Artifact beside the Collab ones? Collab ones were limited because they are collab ofc, but no others...

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