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What is the best set for SS Bellona? [5]

I built her with speed set and crit damage.

What do you guys build her with?

I wanna ask for suggestion and this is not bragging.

Do you think Unity set works best for her?

Btw, congrats for everyone who has pulled her.

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    2019.07.31 20:41 (UTC+0)

    i think ( may i wrong ) bruiser type would be cool, being annoying, she is not like a strong dps cleave, just sharing my thoughts

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    2019.07.31 21:12 (UTC+0)

    Up front damage is wasted on her as There are other rangers that can out dps her with your gears. 

    but it's fine for pve, totally. She can definitely get the job done. (daydream would still be better pve wise).

    For pvp, drink is fine, but she would need immunity, less crit.d and more hp/attack/eff. 

    Imo, she will do fantastic on debuff stall, but thats my opinion. I can see people going unity/rosa on her, but Yuna/schuri/Wanda are better unity rangers. She seems ok with Drink or infinity basket if you want to build her as a primary dps... but you have to accept she doesn't have one shot potential. Imo... Rangers typically have arts that buff dps from their s1's, and her s1 isn't anything to write home about.

    I think regular bellona (no matter what set) beats her in the offensive cleave dps department. I stand by her being a stronger ranger for stall. Whatever build that becomes meta for her, I'm sure it will be a turn 2 type of comp.

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    2019.07.31 22:58 (UTC+0)

    Ah! i got it.

    Lifesteal set

    eh, im going to make a post about this.

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    작성자 2019.08.01 10:43 (UTC+0)

    Thx for the suggestion.

    I kinda like the idea of lifesteal.

    If you put her on defense (pvp)

    She will annoy most AOE heroes like Dizzy or S. Ara or ML Baal.

    Since I don't really put myself into PVP.

     I am planning to build her for PVE.

    And turns out, it's quite helpful with speed and crit set.

    I am happy that the arts has similar effect to Uberius Tooth. But, it will proc even without critical attack.

    That's why I put Bellona as a dps, moreover her s3 will deal good damage if it is critical.

    But, maybe I will try more combination on her once the free unequip takes place.

    (I was going to transfer my Lolibeth lifesteal to Seallona, but since Lolibeth will be buffed, I decided not to) 

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