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I want to get everyones opinion about the upcoming changes so dont be afraid to voice ur opinions in the comments .

(My opinion) Honestly this patch i think is really good they did a great job of listening to users feed back about Summon system changes and bas come out with a system that makes alot of people happy the Balance changes are very beneficial towards changing the end game meta off the P2W scale of ML 5s.

Ty all who participate. 😁

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    2019.07.31 10:55 (UTC+0)

    The balance is quite sensible in every way.

    And this patch also will keep old player stick to the game for a while. I mean, the dev surely know what impact will have to both new and old players and with the refund system, I am quite happy about it.

    The mystic summon improvement is a bit pain in the Ass though, 201 summons and reset if new hero list comes out.. Hmmm..

    But since they will put mystic bookmarks in secret shop. It's not a bad idea.

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    2019.07.31 11:00 (UTC+0)

    The ML Heroes nerf are quite reasonable I'd say, it tone down their power a bit but not completely nerf them to the ground. Quite sad about C. Armin though, but I probably would still use her. The summon system revamp is also great, the ML rate in covenant summon is reasonable. I'm happy that they kept the Gold Transmit and Galaxy Bookmarks as an alternative way to earn ML heroes, overall increasing the amount of ML heroes you can summon.

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    2019.07.31 11:01 (UTC+0)

    IMO, the summon system WILL be abused by whales just because it is on the covenant summons now. It was hard enough for them to get ML heroes through moonlight summon and this just made it efficient for them. Yes, F2P like me may have a chance of getting one but the at the end, this will scale the P2W players more so than the F2P. So it's good and bad. They also said you can ease the chances of getting a moonlight hero by purchasing the 4-5* hero summon or galaxy bookmarks. So yeah, this will result in more moonlight heroes in Arena rather than the regular heroes.

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    2019.07.31 11:03 (UTC+0)

    where is the specimen sez buff

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    2019.07.31 11:05 (UTC+0)

    i must say, my opnion about the update is great,
    not unbalance too much with the upcoming update,
    but make a slight diff that make a lot of change,

    i am happy that SG still keep ML summon,
    all reasonable

    GoodJob SG

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    2019.07.31 11:20 (UTC+0)

    Y opino que el balance de c.armin en comparación de los otros fue completamente desproporcionada no hay balance ni utilidad luego del Nerft, puedo entender un 50% de reducción en la S2 pero no comprendo por nada del mundo la reducción de inmunidad del S3 a un mísero turno, donde el meta actual es buff/debuff

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    2019.07.31 11:27 (UTC+0)

    Lol C.Armin got hit the hardest. Even maxed Adamant Shield does a better job than her passive which not everyone has. Time to cleave through Arena !! <3

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    2019.07.31 11:43 (UTC+0)

    Arbiter nerf was very reasonable.

    ML Ara and Baal&Sezan mainly got PvE nerfs. Their PvP power is exactly the same still. Not that I mind.

    C.Armin got hit hard. I think max 20% critdam reduction would have been ideal. I will enjoy ML Coli though :)

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    작성자 2019.07.31 13:13 (UTC+0)

    Ty everyone for your opinions im happy you took time to voice ur opinions now that the devs listen to what we talk about here im glad they will see that the upcoming patch is a huge success with alot of the playerbase ❤

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    2019.07.31 14:16 (UTC+0)

    The balance changes i think is good ( C Armin, i wish they was a bit kinder on ), just hope in the future we see them more often, if they increase/decrease something to much, it wont be a long time before fixing it, A Vildred is a good example

    For the summon changes i think it can be viewed from many different views, one side i like the fact i can get the characters i want in the future, but at the same time all characters come with a price tag ( something i personally dont like ) and players with SSS imprints could be a bigger factor in PvP, do like the idea of that personal imprint choose

    For the Mystic Summons pity i have a feeling ill always will get the one i dont want xD

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    2019.08.01 04:38 (UTC+0)

    In reality, 1 buff cleanse is enough to keep ML Baal's problems in pvp performances. Similar is what happens with Vildred, the atk buff is not the issue. The adjustments don't really solve effectively the real problems with them sadly.

    I feel like they are not adjusted effectively, I'd say even ML Ara is not effectively adjusted... BUT, this is a pretty good start and we need to see how they really perform after the changes. If they still over-perform, then there's always room for future adjustments so i'm not unhappy, just a bit uneasy. As for the summon changes, i like them in general. There're always worries about major changes but all we can do is wait to see how it goes. I think is a change for the better.

    I appreciate the attention they're paying to the community's feedback and how open they're to discuss and solve the problems we find playing e7.

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