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A lots of Ludwig Lots. [5]

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  • Floret[Ornam]
  • 2019.07.30 21:37 (UTC+0)
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Just sharing a cool strat of double cycling into one of the strongest Aoe nukers in the game. 

I want to make a note of our boy Lewdwig getting a buff soon. This buff will eliminate the kill concerns (miss dealing low dmg) YDCB had, and guarantee invincibility no matter what. (I feel double Cycling will work fine with normal Baal and Sezan also...)

Shoutouts to YDCB for the hilarious vid. Even though it didnt execute well against the top 4th guild in global... and a proper evade comp... Shedding light to this nuking strat will not go to waste.

Bless his poor sh***y rng luck soul.

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    2019.07.30 22:20 (UTC+0)

    My worry with Ludwig is...while he's invincible, he can still get debuffed by someone like Dizzy.

    So having Crimson Armin is still the ideal setup.

    One way to mitigate this is to bring in a cleansing hero like Achates.

    So Aux Lots pushes Ludiwg, Ludwig S2, Achates cleanses, and this should, in theory, set up for a team wiping S3.

    Against someone like Arb Vildred, S2 has to land a kill, else everyone dies.

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    2019.07.31 02:18 (UTC+0)

    I think he is buffed for newbie, since the condition is tough for them to use him from the beginning of the game. 

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