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#ask how to build this hero? [3]

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  • KillerDi[ValeClip]
  • 2019.07.27 23:36 (UTC+0)
  • 조회수 653

hi guys, i want to ask. how to build cidd and kayron?

like, what the best set for them and what stat should i focus on. what is the minimum stat to make them shine?

its a build for PVP btw, thanks.

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    2019.07.28 00:39 (UTC+0)

    I build my cidd with high attack and speed plus RnL. In PvP he moves just after my cr booster and one shot 1 dps then move again and one shot 1 more dps or def break 1 tank.

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    작성자 2019.07.28 01:13 (UTC+0)

    @Yezky how much atk you need to on shot one unit?

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    2019.07.28 02:17 (UTC+0)

    There are many factors to oneshot a unit, but what unit you mean, pvp or pve, it's different.

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