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Actually enjoy the new side story. Good job SG! [2]

i normally burn through new events to clear them out as fast as possible and skip scenes, but i took the time to enjoy this one. you guys did a really good job and i wanted to show my appreciation for all the work youve been putting into the game. i used to be a "F2P btw" player and had immense luck during the banners but now  ive been making sure to at least get the monthly exp/gold boost to give some money towards this game. you guys deserve it, hopefully more people can throw down the 5 to $15 a month or every other month to fund all the work you guys have been doing. keep it up! Also thank those whales that keep this game free for everyone, this is the most "hands on" company ive ever seen in a mobile game, let alone any other game ive played on computer/console. I dont remember how i even stumbled upon this game last november, but it is THE SHIT!

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    2019.07.25 18:55 (UTC+0)

    Imo, every side story has been quality. It has just been a matter of how much a player cares/doesn't care about the characters involved.

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    2019.07.26 00:20 (UTC+0)

    I agree! I used to be an F2P player but I love the game so much I decided  to get both EXP and Gold monthly packs every month. I've never played something as good as this on mobile. Most of the time I'd get tired of playing a mobile game after 2 months or so, but that is not the case with E7!

    This event is soooo good considering how Tywin and Lilibet's side story were a snoozefest for me. Charlotte's was good though!

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