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[Update] [Update] 7/24 (Wed) Update Content (Part 1) [79]

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1. Special Side Story – Song of the Sea

Karin was busy maintaining order in Reingar amidst an influx of summer visitors when she suddenly collapsed due to exhaustion. The Phantom CIC sent Sez, Rin, and Bellona to help Karin.

The next day, Karin and Sez while on Coast Patrol happened to rescue a fisherman who was overpowered by the waves. This brings together Karin and the Phantom CIC for an unforgettable summer… 

■ Title Screen Change

■ Availability

7/25 (Thu) after the update ~ 8/14 (Wed) 18:00 UTC

■ How to Enter

After reaching Account Rank 9, go to the Lobby and tap [Battle] > [Side Story].

■ How to Play

Song of the Sea is a special 3 week event. Clear various stages to receive a variety of rewards from quest completions and reputations. “Summer Reingar” will be open in the first week and “Underwater Ruins” will be open in weeks 2~3.

- Treasure chests and Goblin Gates that appear in this side story will not contain event currency.

- The Achievements and the Summer Pass provide the same rewards that the Exchange would have provided.

- From Normal difficulty and higher, players have the chance to receive the catalyst, “Fused Nerve” after defeating a boss.

[Locked Stage] 

- In order to proceed to stage [4-S1. Protected Research Area], players will need to clear the Preceding Quest as well as the Locked Quest that follows it by defeating 100 monsters.

- In order to open other locked stages, players need to complete the necessary requirements.

- [4. Pale Footprint Beach] is a defense stage that consists of Easy, Normal, Hard and Hell difficulties. Players may only choose a higher difficulty level after completing the preceding difficulty level. Depending on the difficulty level selected, the number of battles as well as the monster compositions will vary.

[Exploration Stage] 

- In order to enter stage [5-S5. Waterweed Forest], players must collect 50 stage currency from the stages listed below.

 5-S1. Land of Silver Borders

 5-S2. Platinum Moor

 5-S3. Waiting Hill 

 5-S4. Aquamarine Shore

- Exploration Stages contain Easy, Normal and Hard Difficulty levels. Players may select a higher difficulty after clearing the stage that precedes it. The higher the difficulty, the greater the Energy required to enter. However, higher difficulty levels provide players with greater event currency.

- From Normal Difficulty and higher, the boss monsters will have different effect resistances.

[Event Currency]

This item is required to complete certain achievements in “Song of the Sea” and will be removed at the end of the event period.

[Underwater Stage]

- The stage [7. Foam Bubble Island] takes place underwater. In the underwater stage, players will be given an “Air Bubble” at the start of the stage. Take note that this air bubble will not be applied again upon resurrection.

[Epic Hell Stage]

- [7-S. Protected Research Area] can be entered after clearing the final stage as well as after clearing the necessary Hidden Achievements. 

- The difficulty of this stage is very high and may only be cleared once during the event period.

■ Enhanced Heroes

The following Heroes will receive benefits when used in Song of the Sea. 

Attack, Health, Defense - 50% Increase

Karin, Sez, Bellona, Seaside Bellona

Attack, Health - 30% Increase

Rin, Yuna, Hazel, Mascot Hazel, Tamarinne, Zerato, Serila

※ Seaside Bellona will be available to players via summons beginning on 8/1. 

■ Reputation

Complete Reputations to obtain various rewards.

[Hidden Achievement]

Hidden Achievements will be cleared upon meeting certain conditions.
Follow the hints to complete the Achievement!

[Reputation Rewards]

- Players do not need to complete Hell difficulty in order to receive the “All-Clear” reward.



Coast is Clear! 1

Flame Rune x10

Coast is Clear! 2

Frost Rune x10

Coast is Clear! 3

Life Rune x10

Coast is Clear! 4

Silver Transmit Stone x3

Coast is Clear! 5

Silver Transmit Stone x3

Coast is Clear! 6

Giga-Phantasma 1x

Coast is Clear! 7

Skystone x50

Coast is Clear! 8

Skystone x50

Hidden Achievement 1

Skystone x50

Hidden Achievement 2

4★ Rainbow Scale

Are You Finished Yet?

4★ Rainbow Scale

Great Job. You looked so cool!

4★ Rainbow Scale

Collect Testimonies and Sketch a Suspect!

Gold x50,000

Strangely Ugly Sketch

Gold x100,000

Horrifically Ugly Sketch

Rare Catalyst Chest

Dead Coral Colonies

Gold x50,000

Traces of Twisted Power

Gold x100,000

Finding the Chaos Gate

Rare Catalyst Chest

On Patrol 1

Fire Helmet Penguin

On Patrol 2

Frost Chain Penguin

On Patrol 3

Forest Cloud Penguin

On Patrol 4

Leif x1

On Patrol 5

Leif x1

On Patrol 6

Winter Fragment Penguin

On Patrol 7

Skystone x50

Animals Must Be Kept on a Leash 1

Leif x1

Animals Must Be Kept on a Leash 2

Leif x1

Animals Must Be Kept on a Leash 3

Winter Fragment Penguin

No Naga on the Beach 1

Leif x1

No Naga on the Beach 2

Leif x1

No Naga on the Beach 3

Winter Fragment Penguin

Broken Machine Disposal 1

Leif x1

Broken Machine Disposal 2

Leif x1

Broken Machine Disposal 3

Winter Fragment Penguin

Oh, That's Disgusting 1

Leif x1

Oh, That's Disgusting 2

Leif x1

Oh, That's Disgusting 3

Winter Fragment Penguin

Hidden Achievement 3

Covenant Bookmarks x5

Hidden Achievement 4

Covenant Bookmarks x5

Hidden Achievement 5

Skystone x50

Hidden Achievement 6

4★Rainbow Scale

I'll Show You!

Gold x50,000

Ruins Exploration

Gold x50,000

Leave This to Us

Gold x50,000

All Clear Reward

Gold Transmit Stone x1

[Artifact, 4★ Rainbow Scale]

- Rainbow Scale is an event artifact that will not return any Powder of Knowledge if sold.

■ Summer Pass

Players may use the Summer Pass during the Song of the Sea side story.

After completing an achievement in Song of the Sea, players will receive 1 achievement point for the summer pass and are able to receive a reward. 
It is possible to receive all the basic rewards during the event period, but players also have the option of purchasing achievement points with Skystones. 1 point is equivalent to 100 Skystones.

Once a reward is available, players can select it to receive it immediately.
If a player did not yet receive their reward, then the Summer Pass icon will display a red dot. 

[Buy Summer Pass]
 Using Skystones, players can improve their Summer Pass.

Item Name


Items Included

Premium Summer Pass

Skystone x900

Premium Summer Pass

10 Story Points

Special Summer Pass

Skystone x1800

Premium Summer Pass

Karin Swimsuit Skin [Shore Patrol]

10 Story Points

*Premium Summer Pass

By improving the Summer Pass to the Premium Summer Pass, players will unlock additional rewards along with the basic rewards. Players can upgrade to the Premium Summer Pass for an additional 900 Skystones. 

*Special Summer Pass

Upon purchasing the Special Summer Pass, players will receive all of the rewards of the previous Summer Pass and unlock Karin [Shore Patrol].

[How to Apply]

Heroes with skins other than the default skin will have a “Skin Icon” activated in the Hero Details window.

Players should then select equip to activate the skin they wish to use. The standing motion, illustration and cut skills are changed to match the skin. Players can view these changes by tapping “Preview Skills”. 

[End of Event Period]

Players may receive their Summer Pass Rewards for 7 days following the end of the special side story, “Song of the Sea”. Players cannot receive Achievement points by playing during this period, however, they can receive them by tapping the “Buy Achievement Points” button and receive rewards. The Summer Pass is not available during this period as well.
Once the reward compensation period has ended, players will be unable to receive unclaimed rewards.

2. Sigret Drop Rate Up

Sigret is an Ice-element warrior that can cause high damage in a short time.
Meet the Head of the Homunculus Unit in her Drop Rate Up Event!

■ Drop Rate Up Information

 7/25 (Thu) after the update ~ 7/31 (Wed) 14:59 UTC

3. Challenge! Haughty Tailor

New Unknown have appeared, causing Orbis to fall into unrest once again. Eliminate the Unknown and investigate the cause of the Chaos Gate!

■ Event Availability

7/25 (Thu) after the maintenance ~ 8/14 (Wed) 18:00 UTC

■ How to Enter

After clearing stage 6-1. Northern Wind Corner, go to the Lobby and tap [Battle] > [Challenge].

Lobby > Battle > Challenge > Haughty Tailor

■ How to Play

The ‘Haughty Tailor’ Challenge is available in Normal, Hard, and Hell difficulties. Higher difficulties will become available upon clearing the preceding difficulty. Players have a chance of receiving the 4★ Artifact Shepherds of Chaos each time they beat the Challenge. 

■ Rewards

EXP, Stigma, and Gold will be rewarded upon beating the Challenge, and Charms, Equipment, and the 4★ Artifact, Shepherds of Chaos also has a chance to drop.


Possible Rewards

Haughty Tailor

4★ Shepherds of Chaos

Normal~Good Speed/Hit/Critical Set Equipment (Weapon, Helm, Armor, Boots),

Lesser Charms, Gold, Stigma

[4★ Shepherds of Chaos Drop Rate]


Drop Rate







■  Event Artifact 4★ Shepherds of Chaos Description (Thief Exclusive)
 - Shepherds of Chaos is an event exclusive Artifact that will yield no Powder of Knowledge if sold.

■ Reputation


Reputation Details


I guess you must be talented to get this far.

Clear Normal difficulty

Gold x 30,000

Fine, I'll start taking you seriously!

Clear Hard difficulty

Silver Transmit Stone x3

I'll slay you for good the next time!

Clear Hell difficulty

Gold Transmit Stone x1

Outta my way! Overly persistent prey is the worst.!

Clear 10 times on any difficulty

4★ Shepherds of Chaos

4. Specialty Change - Chaos Inquisitor

The 3★ Hero, Butcher Corps Inquisitor can now undergo a Specialty Change.
After completing the Specialty Change, Butcher Corps Inquisitor will be granted a new sprite, new skills, and new animations!

Additional stat changes and skill enhancements can be made via the Skill Tree.

■ Chaos Inquisitor 

[Specialty Change – New Skill Information]

Preach [Cooldown: 4 Turns (Lowest 3 Turns)]

[Before Awakening]

Attacks the enemy in the name of Chaos, recovering Health proportional to damage dealt. Damage dealt increases proportional to the caster's lost Health. 

[After Awakening]

Attacks the enemy in the name of Chaos, recovering Health proportional to damage dealt. When the enemy is buffed, has a 50% chance to activate Heavy Strike. Damage dealt increases proportional to the caster's lost Health.

■ Specialty Change Quest Requirements 

Enhance Butcher Corps Inquisitor to level 50.

■ How to Specialty Change

From the Lobby, go to the Hero menu > Specialty Change.

Once all 3 Specialty Change Quests have been cleared and the Trial Battle has been successfully completed, the Specialty Change will be complete. 

■ Skill Tree

After a Specialty Change, the Skill Tree can be accessed via the Awakening menu.

Spend Elemental Runes to enhance the Runes in the Skill Tree and make your Hero stronger!

 [Rune Enhance Results]

- Increases Effectiveness by 10%

- Increases Effectiveness by 15%

- Increase Skill Effect chance by 10%

- Increase Combat Readiness by 20%

- Increases damage by 5%

- Increases damage dealt by Preach by 12%

- Increases the amount recovered by Preach by 10%

- Increase Health by 10%

- Increases Preach's chance of activating Heavy Strike by 20%

- Increases Preach's chance of activating Heavy Strike by 30%

5. Abyss Guide Added
A guide has been added to Abyss mode! Now you can see which heroes and team compositions are used the most in Abyss!
Use this guide if you’re stuck and need some extra help to complete the Abyss!

■ Open Schedule

7/25 (Thu) 3:00 UTC 7/25 (Thu) 00:30 UTC

■ How to Use
 Select the Abyss level that you wish to have information about and tap the “Statistics” button.

In this window, players will be able to see the rankings for Heroes that have been used to clear the level selected.
If a player taps on a specific hero, they will be able to see which teams featured the selected hero the most.

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      Hello @RyouHayato , Please note that, as stated above, Seaside Bellona will be a unit that can be summoned starting at 8/1. Hope this helps clear up any possible misunderstanding!

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