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Wyvern Hunt 10 - Rh****03

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  • 2019.07.22 10:15 (UTC+0)
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Wyvern 10 Tips:

We all know that Wyvern 10 is hard, specially for players who are only a or two month old in the game, here I will be giving tips on what to do and what it is that you needed to be able to clear Wyvern 10 with ease with only the easiest units to get.

Gears, Stats and Artifacts with a bit of Explanation:


*Health Set

*Health Set

*Defence Set


(Health% Necklace, Health% Ring, Health% or Defence% or Speed Boots)

Quite straight forward, a Knight that can be obtained via Connections, His 2nd Skill [Mark of Protection] should allow him to sustain your damagers and survive a few beating when they're attacked by the Obsidian Wyvern, his 1st skill [Rush] should also further help your damagers to survive as it gives Attack Break debuff that decreases the attack stat of the Obsidian Wyvern, and Aurius artifact will surely help your damagers survive as it takes a portion of the damage taken by an allies and redirected to it's holder, overall, Crozet is a pretty good F2P frontline support for Wyvern 10.

Angelic Montmorancy

*Health Set

*Speed Set

+Magahara's Tome or Rod of Amaryllis

(Health% Necklace, Resistance or Health% Ring, Speed Boots)

As our newest Specialty Change unit, her requirements/quest is quite easy, you just have to do Story Chapter 1 Stage 8 on World Difficulty a couple of times, the said stage, not only will have the required Spirits to kill, it also have the chance of dropping the required Catalyst and the AP points requirement, you would have to farm a few times on the Water Altar to get her Skill Tree Rune nodes, and you will only need to get all the [Purification] skill buffs for better healing, now this is also quite straight forward, give her all the speed she can have, at 1st, you dont need the resistance stats as this is only a entry level Montmorancy, if you think that your Montmorancy can heal properly without the help of Rod of Amaryllis, you may use Magahara's Tome to increase the rate at which she gets a turn, thus, translating to faster healing.


*Speed Set

*Critical Set

+Daydream Joker

(Critical% or Critical Damage Necklace, Health% Ring, Speed Boots)

Alexa boasts one of the best Wyvern Killers out there with the use of Daydream Joker, as she attacks twice on her 1st Skill [Fell], allowing her to deal damage based on Daydream Joker as it deals a target Health% damage that also scales up with Critical Damage, making her simply one of the best and easy to build Wyvern Killer, her 2nd Skill [Cold Edge] can apply 2 Poison Debuff that deals 5% of target's HP per turn, I suggest to giving her a MINIMUM of 85% Critical%, a decent speed and everything towards Critical Damage to further inrease the damage she does from Daydream Joker.

Taranor Guard

*Speed Set

*Critical or Hit Set

+Daydream Joker

(Critical% or Critical Damage Neck, Health% Ring, Speed Boots)

One of the best Defence breaker for Wyvern as his 1st Skill [Spear Art] applies Defence Break debuff and his 2nd Skill [Discipline] allows him to increase the Combat Readiness of all allies whenever he attacks from a Dual Attack, also make sure that Taranor Guard has 5 to 6 speed more than Alexa.

Wyvern 10 Mechanics:

Obsidian Wyvern

If not afflicted by two or more debuffs, Obsidian Wyvern attacks twice with [Fire Breath] and has a chance to apply a Poison Debuff that lasts for 2 turns, after a few turns, Obsidian Wyvern will use his skill [Tail Swing] that cleanses all the debuffs applied to Obsidian Wyvern, Dispels all the buffs applied to the enemies, gives Obsidian Wyvern a Barrier Buff of estimated 25% of it's Health, this Barrier also Slows down Wyvern by a lot but if you fail to break the Barrier on it's next turn, Obsidian Wyvern will use it's skill [Tail Swing] that would reduce the Combat Readiness of all the target and also does a massive damage.

Applicable Strategies:

Straight forward actually, always apply more than 2 debuffs to decrease the damage you will be taking, the Defence break and Attack break should be enough for this to work, use Alexa's [Cold Edge] only if the Obsidian Wyvern has 1 or no debuffs at all, Angelic Montmorancy should be able to heal enough to keep Crozet alive and dispel the Poison debuffs.

(Other applicable units)

Units that applies multiple debuffs should work nicely against Wyvern 10 to reduce the total damage you will take such as: Surin, Haste, Sigret and others who can apply 2 or more debuffs.

Frontliners can be Rose, Angelica, Tywin, Krau or even fire units that are meant to frontline.

If you have Dizzy, you will have little to no problems even if you lackthe gears as she can consistenly apply debuffs that will further weaken the Obsidian Wyvern.

Luluca can also work against Wyvern 10 and below as she can defence break and defence buff allies, tho, at Wyvern 11, I suggest not bringing her as she won't help you as much because of a completely different mechanics.

Special Note:

You only need to do Wyvern 10 once if you are geared and uses Taranor Guard, Alexa, Angelica, Crozet or Krau as Wyvern 11 is actually easier than Wyvern 10

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