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Wyvern Hunt 10 - Y****Kun

  • OFFICIAL Dominiel
  • 2019.07.22 10:15 (UTC+0)
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1st tip: Always check the Boss Guide or check the boss skills clicking on his face before starting the battle, take this tip for EVERY boss fights.

What do we learn doing this: 

Wyvern 10 gives poison on his atack, and can atack again if he isn't debuffed, which means, bring debuffs to this fight

Secondly, he will dispell all debuffs and be granted a barrier, and if you can't break this barrier, be sure that he will wipe your team (unless he is debuffed with blind and decrease atack), and for barrier damage melter we have Kise (don't worry if you don't have her, she is just a big great plus, not a must)

2nd tip: ALWAYS, and take this one for your life, bring a break defense waifu/husbando to the fight (unless fighting Sez or any other boss that gets OP when debuffed)

For break defense we have tons of waifus/husbandos pick the one you like most (in my case Clarissa and Karin) or the one you have (avoid Leaf/Life/Green thing element ones, as they have disadvantage against fire element)... the cheapest and one of the greatest is Taranor Guard (i'm sure you have this one), he breaks defense on his S1, his S2 gives him 5%dual atack chance and gives everyone 25% combat readness, he is perfect for this fight, bring him

3rd tip: You DON'T need a tank for every fights, just bring a good geared healer, most healers take advantage from HP (big HP = big heal), so your healer can be your "tank" (frontline, as W10 can aim anyone unlike W11).

For healers we have a lot of them, pick the one you like most, doesn't matter their element, i used to farm W10 (before being strong enough to face W11) with Destina as my frontline healer, and F. Kluri to help me break defense (i didn't want to level my Taranor Guard)

4th tip: You will need DPS, consistent DPS, as you need to break his barrier or else you will loose.

BEST Wyvern hunt dps is Kise, she deals bonus damage to barrier, with a Dust Devil she is a beast. Karin is great too, her S2 breaks defense and gives her another turn if she crits, with a Rihanna and Luciela she becomes retarded, she keeps attacking like there's no tomorrow (if everything proc =D). You can even kill the W10 before he barriers himself like this.

5th tip: One of most important tip for this fight. BRING DEBUFFS. W10 will attack twice if he is not debuffed, this will speed up his barrier skill and you don't want that.

We already talked about defense break debuff. You can bring any other debuff you want, and you probably have a Dizzy, i'm sure you didn't let the opportunity to grab this OP limited Guilty Gear character pass =). Dizzy would help a lot in this fight, blind + attack break AND she can extend debuff duration by one turn, do i need to say more? Bring her. And she is water element too. OMG ^^

6th tip: Increase Attack buff, if you could bring a healer or a dpser that can increase your damage, that would be wonderful.

Tamarine = great heals, dispell, and increase damage of your party
Mascot Hazel = moderate heal + increase atack, and increases even further if you leveled her skill tree and has a fire element dpser in your party (i'm pretty sure you have OP Sol)

Aramintha, she is a debuffer (burn + unhealable), she gains combat readness on S3, and she buffs increase attack on S2 and she is a dpser too ^^

So, those are all my tips, usefull for W10 and (almost) every boss fights

My W10 team had never been a great team or a especialized team built to face W10, i used Destina (frontline healer) which is a terrible choice, i used Flaconer Kluri as defense breaker and Aurius to mitigate the damage, Aramintha for debuffs, buffs and damage, and Clarissa for break defense and damage.

I could kill W10 easily with this team, sometimes would take me 2 barriers moves to kill him, but, i could still kill him easily.

If you follow my tips, you will oblitarate him. You can beat him even if you weren't lucky enough to drop that 5 star waifu of your dreams.

Cheap basic All-In team: Taranor Guard + Alexa (build her with crit chance and watch W10 melt) + Sol (pretty sure you have him) + Dizzy (come on, i know you rolled her)

This team doesn't have a healer and i'm SURE (with a decent gear, i said decent, not godlike) they can oblitarate W10, just be sure that Dizzy atacks before W10 and give him the taste of her S3.

Cheap basic team: Taranor Guard + Alexa + Dizzy + Angelic Montmorancy: just make sure Alexa can survive W10 double atack in case he atacks first and aim her.

Cheap basic safe team: Alexa + Dizzy + Flaconer Kluri (with Aurius) + Angelic Montmorancy: this team may take a while to kill it, but they will, just keep Kluri's S3 to use when W10 barriers up.

Cheap basic "i don't have collab dudes" party: Taranor Guard + F. Kluri + A. Montmorancy + Mistychain (she will help the healing, she will debuff, and help with dps) and i'm sure you have everyone in this party =).

And that's all for the W10 tips =),

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