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Gacha Game, gear farming and ML changes [7]

So guys i just wanna state my opinion to the state and coming changes that may happen.

It is a gacha game and there are really many and different kinds of heroes. It is not supposed to be easy to get the full collection or the very best of all heroes. 

Where is the fun and the goal in the game if it is easy to get the special heroes and when everyone has the same as everyone? 

Moonlight Summones are special and in that way supposed to be hard to get. They can be a bit better than other elemental heroes but of course not overpowered.

There should be a pitty summon, i mean you can be very unlucky and summon as many and dont get them so hard work should be rewarded. 

Gear makes heroes powerfull and it should be creative and and strategic to build a team. Dont you have many heroes and many 5 star heroes you dont use but you are still complaining that you dont have enough 5 star heroes? 

I do because i lack the gear to be setting up every hero and is also time really time and energy consuming.

So the point is:

- Let the moonlight summons be  special and dont mix them with coventants summoning.

- Moonlight heroes are supposed to be special and a bit better so balance them that they are bit better but not overpowered strong in PvE as in PvP. 

- Farming gear should be easier, it really uses time and energy to get gear which you mostly cant even use because you want to have the right % stats.

- It is a gacha game, there are many heroes so have fun and you dont need every singel one either you are lucky or you arent. 

- There should be a pitty summon in every kind as the limited heroes in covenant summon, in moonlight summons and in mystic summons.

- Let the heroes be special and that wont be the case if every 4 and 5 Star hereos are owned by everyone.

So sorry for the unclearness or mistakes, english isnt my native language :D 

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    2019.07.21 23:26 (UTC+0)

    Sme heroes are strong against some other heroes, and there is always a counter for each one. And now due to the recent changes i really hope they dont 'break' the heroes just like tieria, elson, etc. Cause "IF I DONT HAVE ML HEROES, THEN THEY SHOULD BE WEAK!" = \
    People complain about anything.... the only thing i really get annoyed is about gearing heroes. 3k+ energy to get a single usable peice of gear. or when i get a good one, its flat main stat....

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    2019.07.22 04:04 (UTC+0)

    Moonlight summon mixed with covenant doesn't benefit anyone. 

    As far as special characteristics, I agree that it would have just been better to continue balancing the ML's instead going overboard.

     As far as counters go some characters don't have excellent counters an example being judge kise where you would need to either outspeed her or have immunity. To outspeed her with equivalent gear there are only 18 characters that naturally outspeed her. 8 of those characters are 5 stars and 6 of those characters are ML. Of the remaining characters only silk rima and possibly cidd could do anything about it prior to her going. The other option would be to use immunity gear but then you would be back to the gearing issue.

    The entire reaction though is more about public image and doing and immediate fix rather than the best fix. Even GM Dominiel is posting messages to not encourage players gambling.... which is like a bartender telling you drinking is bad for you.

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    2019.07.22 18:37 (UTC+0)

    You guys keep saying ML should be harder to get and should not be mixed with covenant summon. Well I don't know what you guys smoking when you think adding them together and like this close to doubling the hero pool will make them getting easier. At least not without banner. Especially if then don't split artifact from summon and keep the odds as it is. You may think you can pull ML 5* like that easier, but in my opinion you will more likely pull any other 5* first than ml

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    2019.07.28 16:18 (UTC+0)

    I cant wait for this update. I have one ml 5 star and that's moonlight Sez. Please nerf the sh*t out of the near impossible to get ml units that somehow many players have. Thank you smilegate. Afterwards they'll focus on gear. Looking forward to that too

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