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Fixing ML Characters [2]

This post is related to characters that should be good and are not, at all.

Blaze Dingo:

Option 1 = S3 Apply to all team in place of 1 and the caster (Direct Buff) "Vs C.Armin"

Option 2 = S1 + Constant Healing for 1 turn to the ally with lowest health

Option 3 = S2 Dispells 1 Buff

Assassin Cidd:

Option 1 = Make DMG&Speed Scale really good (Direct Stat Buff)

Option 2 = Give Bleed+Poison Effect on S1 (Direct PVE Buff)

Option 3 = Permit S2 Trigger constantly (and fix the S2 description) (Deserved buff)

Option 4 Favorite = S2> If he kills an enemy Gets an additional turn and gets 1 Turn Atk Increase, this includes killing with Poison from S1 (Can be chained if constantly kills) (This would make a low stat character, a living nightmare)

Fighter Maya:

S3(Frightened effect) If kills, increase enemy's speed but lowers both attack and defense at 90% chance for 1 turn (makes her more viable in def teams and  PVE)

Kitty Clarissa:

Option 1 = S1 Extends debuffs on enemy by 1 (Direct PVE buff)

Option 2 = S2 Has 60% Chance to Provoke (100% with molagoras) (PVE & PVP buff)

Option 3 = S3 Provokes enemy (PVP Utility Buff)

Specimen Sez:

Option 1 = S1 If enemy is NOT stunned, trigger S2 (Low stun chance = Stun chance increase)

Option 2 = S2 Change DMG to Effect Change and readiness with molagoras so it can get 70% Stun Chance and 70% CR (Direct Buff)

Option 3 = S3(Weakness Spot) Ignores defense with any debuffs (More chances to use S3)

Option 4 = If S2 stuns, user gets an additional turn (Buff S2+S3)

Champion Zerato:

Option 1 = S1 Increase CR of the user 20%

Option 2 = S2 Add, if enemy lands a debuff on ally, he gets 10% CD per each Debuff. (Utility Buff)

Option 3 = S1 Has a 50% chance to slow

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    2019.07.21 15:01 (UTC+0)

    Blaze Dingo is fantastic, just not for Arena. Kitty Clarissa is a top PvP cleanse as well.

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    작성자 2019.07.21 15:21 (UTC+0)


    why do you need kitty clarissa as a cleanse? there are a ton of better cleaners than her that are NOT ML; specially montmo who cleans nearly each turn, kitty has no real utility, only ONE clean, nothing else, blaze dingo is great you say? for pve you say? Then CArmin what is it? Yisus Christ in a motorcycle? Because he is useful EVERYWHERE, much more than blaze dingo.

    Please be more auto-critic with this, I posses some of those, and others are from friends, I don't speak from a fantasy, I speak with facts, those characters have HUGE issues compared to other units, yes they have something strong, but someone else has something 10 times better, and sometimes are normal units not only ML's.

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