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Before I started playing 'E7'... [3]

    I searched around for an idea of what's going with the game; this was a little over 4 months ago as of this post.

    I found beginners guides, arena videos, how to guides, and summons related posts.

    I became aware of "tier lists" and began web-searching for topics of that nature (how I learned about heroes "Armin" & "Angelica").

    I ran across the following  reddit post  where an assumedly Korean player suggested what heroes wane in usage late to end-game and what to roll/re-roll for with 'Selective Summons'.

    I checked around and there was enough agreement around the expressed perspective of what heroes wane in usage that I decided to roll for hero "Siegret".

    I felt ready to start playing 'Epic Seven'.

    After a number of re-rolls, I got heroes "Siegret" & "Armin" in the same roll. I kept that roll and thus began my roster.

    Later came hero "Angelica", then "Silk" or "Charlotte", followed by "Schuri", next was "Cidd", grabbed "Yuna" from connections, summoned "Iseria", decided to build "Mercedes", and just built "F. Kluri".

   I have but not building a "Lilibet", "Sol", a re-acquired "Sez" & "Achates", "Khawazu", "Surin", also "Doris", "Wanda", "Roozid" (who I use for 'Sanctuary' "Dispatch Missions"), and a host of other three-star heroes I'm imprinting to get "Crozet" from connections and to get more 'covenant bookmarks' from reputation.

    Early on, I would check those "tier lists" to see what others had to say about whatever heroes I summoned, but now, I have enough game content experience to umderstand what heroes I should keep (outside of potential hero buffs).

    I foddered heroes in favor of the heroes I had already acquired/built and the roles they filled (along with artifacts to increase versatility).

    "Siegret" is my DoT/ST dps hybrid (preferred over DoT only), "Armin" is my damage mitigater who can debuff 'poison', "Angelica" is my debuff preventer (no team debuff dispell but proactive usage of buff 'immunity'), "Charlotte" is my AOE dps, "Schuri" is my CR manipulator who also debuffs 'poison', "Cidd" is my ST dps, "Yuna" is my team buffer, and "Iseria" is my enemy buff dispeller who can debuff 'decreased defense' & 'cannot buff'.

    There are heroes I've yet to acquire that I do want to build such as "Cermia", "Destina", and "Krau".

    The only banner heroes I've gotten thus far are "Iseria" and "Lilibet"

    My goal in these mobile games (after realizing how scarce resources can become which leads to intense grinding and how micro-transaction heavy they can be), is to achieve effeciency (which creates a gratifying F2P experience).

    I don't farm unless there's a need and I don't build unless there's need, where I define "need" as no combination of my current heroes/artifacts/equipment allow me to progress.

    True, I don't experiment a lot, but I'm ok with that, instead, I have resources for when something worthwhile comes along.

    Well, hopefully, this will give insight to some of my other posts and maybe help some navigate the hero building aspect of the game.

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    2019.07.21 13:38 (UTC+0)

    Welcome to the grind hell :D

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    2019.07.21 13:44 (UTC+0)

    Grats you came a long way. The let me list the chars I deleted was one of the more amusing posts on the forums, if you had posted before deleting you would be in a better spot now but everyone makes mistakes.

    Also Iseria and Lilibet are not "Limited Time banners". Limited are the ones that are not added to the summon list after their banner. Luna/baiken/dizzy/Diene I might be missing one but they cannot be summoned currently which is why they are limited time.

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    작성자 2019.07.21 13:55 (UTC+0)

        I don't regret my fodder decisions and I believe I'm in a better place from them (not gonna blow my 'keystone' on mass hero slots, I build faster with less grind, and currently don't need foddered heroes to beat content).

        I used to regret foddering "Bellona", but not anymore.

        I'm willing to wait for the heroes I want... heck, I waited two months to purchase artifact 'Elyha's Knife' versus building an alternative and woulda kept waiting if it didn't appear in July 2019.


        THANKS! ... sigh, let me remove "limited time" for you... yes there is a literal "limited-time" banner, though the rotating banners are too time-limited which is how I meant that phrase.

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