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Ummm, about the complain? [4]

i am playing game just for fun,
i don't have any *5 Ml heroes,
it's totally fine
as long as the game is fun for me

if the changed make the game not funny anymore
then just stop playing,
means that the dev do not good enough to manage the game
easy right?
there's still a bunch of games

just wait and see the change of the game
dont negative with it first
u still do not know detail how the dev make the change to the game

decisions always have a lot of pros and cons
just follow your instinct about the game
so far so good for me

and if the dev want a better excuse for the change
then make a poll



like this

2019.08.01까지 ∙ 18명 참여 ∙ 익명

최대 1항목 선택 가능

  • 27.78%5표
  • 66.67%12표
  • 5.56%1표

like that, then make the player pick they want to,
if there still someone complaining about that

can say that, we just follow majority,
u must accept it
better than complaining about the dev, the koreans player, etc

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    2019.07.21 04:27 (UTC+0)

    I agree with you mentality

    As long as you fun with game just played ,until what you like become what you hate

    Before the cmilegate make decision let express what you feel and thought 

    Maybe can help the information about what their player want

    They cant win all player, but at least some people can try to said what they like and dislike about this game

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    2019.07.21 05:11 (UTC+0)

    I actually thought you were trying to make a poem of some sort. lmao.

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    2019.07.22 10:37 (UTC+0)

    Most people want MLs as Covenant Summons? 

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