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Nerf [6]

Y’all need to calm down, they aren’t nerfing them into the ground like the 3 stars.  ML kits will still be better than most normal 5 stars.  If they don’t do any balancing, real time pvp would be a joke. Ml are still ml, they aren’t comparable to normals 5 for the most part.  Unless you’re a collector, you are not going to go for everyone. Only those that are op, that’s it.  End game is PvP, not what units you have.  If you want to truly be exclusive, get a whale only server. How bout that? Go big or go home right? XD

I personally prefer buffs to under used units instead and make them almost just as good. That’s what puzzles and dragons does and summon has all 5 attributes, and there’s up to 8 stars rarity. So yeah. Yes, different games but same gacha mindset.

I’m currently on my 1500+ days playing puzzle and dragons so I’m well aware of power creeps and rng.  

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    2019.07.21 08:27 (UTC+0)

    Awww yeah PAD! did you pull on the girls godfest?  still cannot get planar.

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    2019.07.21 11:23 (UTC+0)

    But.. you don't know. You're just bleating what you think is true, but no one knows. Stop making ridiculous posts, pro or con. It's annoying to see all these hypotheticals pushed as fact. Go home.

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