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Thanks for Listening Smilegate [1]

I would like to say thank you for listening to community's' concern with the game and whole-heartedly agree with the changes. I believe the current toxicity in the community can be simplified to those who have moonlight 5 star (ML5) heroes and are fine with the changes, those whose who have ML5 heroes and are not happy with the changes, and those who have no ML5 heroes. As I have seen no validated post from long term players with no ML5 heroes complaining about the changes I'm going to assume there are few to none of them. I have seen validated players who have ML5 heroes and are supporting the changes, and of which I am part of this group. This leads me to the arguments made from users from the second group listed: those with ML5 heroes and which are upset, and my attempt to counter their arguments and as well as provide some feedback of my own. 

One claim I have heard repeatably iterated is that introducing moonlight heroes will dilute the pool of regular elemental heroes from covenant bookmark summons. While I can see where this is coming from, I see this a short sited and vastly over exaggerated. 1) Adding 11 more 5 stars heroes to a roster of 30+ elemental 5 star heroes is something which would have happened with the natural progression of time in the game, especially one which hopes to be active for many years. 2) The drop chance for a single 5 star hero is 0.0431%, having a summon-able roster of 40 heroes with the same 1.25% drop chance for a 5 star will then have a 0.0313%. This difference is minuscule. 3) Currently there are banner events for specific heroes and continuing this along with the pity system will allow players to more reliably summon a specific hero. I would also like to suggest taking a note from another popular and successful gacha game. Fate Grand Order regularly has multiple rate up banners for specific 5 star and 4 star heroes allowing players to try their luck for the favorite heroes and could see something like this as a positive addition to the game.

Another claim I heard is introducing ML5 heroes to the covenant bookmark summons would not balance heroes. I do agree with them here. We still need a nerf to ML5 or buffs to elemental heroes. 1) The current complain about balancing moonlight heroes is comprised of much harder they are to obtain without the use of excessive funds relative to their clear dominance. Introducing them to the covenant summons pool will bring them to place where they are more accessible to the player base. However, balancing 40+ heroes is no easy task and would require the interaction of the community to ensure changes are for the best of the game. This can easily be seen in the different reaction to the past changes to Assassin Coli and Arbiter Vildred "buffs". The player base has much easier access to Assassin Coli as she is only a 4 star, and such the coalition to prevent her "buff" was quicker and more vocal than that to not buff Arbiter Vildred. I believe that if more players had access to Arbiter Vildred more players would have been aware that his buff would make him into a 1 man army for both defense and offense area, and such the community would have been more vocal. Secondly Dizzy is arguably one of the best units in the game, and yet fewer players need the feel to nerf her compared to moonlight heroes such are Crimson Armin. Both of this characters have solidified positions in current Arena and have changed the meta from what it was last year or even earlier this year. Dizzy has brought forward the need for immunity gear in upper PVP, and Crimson Armin has reduced the dominance of cleave teams. Yet, Crimson Armin is looked upon for a nerf much more than Dizzy, a hero who most of the player base has access to and is equally as good if not better. Dont take this as Dizzy needs a nerf.  

Lastly I have heard that the ML5 in covenant summons will reduce the special feeling of owning one. I own a ML5 and would much more prefer Iseria. Furthermore, making players feel special is not a valid argument for game balance and I a short handed way of saying I want to be superior simply because of who my hero is, rather than how much I have invested into their skills, awakening, or quality of gear.

To summarize, I feel the current changes are best for the overall and future health of the game. I respectfully disagree with most who are unhappy with the changes as I believe they wish to continue to have a false sense of superiority simply based on them owning someone others do not rather than amount of investment in their heroes. Lastly I believe generalizing and antagonizing a whole server who is fighting for positive changes which will benefit a large segment of the community (those with no ML5 heroes) and the whole community in the future is completely unwarranted and the utmost in community toxicity. Im certain the users who are complaining about the Korean server were not complaining when they got 2 free 5 star hero tickets and gladly claimed them. Please keep up the good work and we look forward to hearing more from the dev team.

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    2019.07.21 05:42 (UTC+0)

    Hello yufine138! Thank you so much for taking the time to discuss your thoughts on this issue in detail and share them with us. We will do our best to improve Epic Seven and make the game enjoyable for all Heirs, and likewise, we will share your feedback with the developers. Thank you again for your post!

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