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The problem with the changes of ML....!! [4]

The main problem is obviously the nerf of them so the people that likes to use them or invest on them would not have them as they pay(real money) for them, i know that the people could get a refund(only in game currencies not the real money) but still , then it comes the change of how one can get them by the normal covenant summons, with this there are some problems too:

1.They will not be as exclusive as before ,something that make the people appreciate them more.

 2.They will be on the part where the other heroes and artifacts are so if one want to obtain a ml hero will be in a way more difficult than before(talking about any ml hero in general like for example 3*)

What i feel is the real problem is the way how the arena and game in general works, like for example in the arena the one on the def team would only need 4 tanky heroes with 30k hp each if possible, then the offense would always need a dmg dealer to deal with those, if the def team have 2 healers then the offense will need even more dmg dealers, because one need to one shot them in 1 turn, because in this game the healers could become a tanky unit too, so one couldnt just concentrate in the healer so that it could stop healing the team. Another thing that comes into play based of the already mentioned statement from above, is that in the arena the offense team will always have dmg overtime that keeps getting higher everytime, so even the more reason to have more dmg dealers that normally could be killed easily by the def team, then it comes the rng of this game that is so strange of how it works more if we are talking about when we are fighting the enemy like the arena def teams , you could see that some def teams would only need all tanky units minus one that is the dmg dealer that could work more times than you think because of the addition of dual attacks, this dual attacks you could see that says 5% of having a chance of activating,but seeing how bad this rng works for the enemy you could see at least 4-5 of them activated by any def team you fought, then based on that the def team could be a dmg dealer team even being tanky units only  because of the rng plus the dmg overtime.

My recommendation would be to make a change on the galaxy bookmark so it could drop more easy on raids plus that gold transmit stone only need 3 of them to obtain 5 galaxy bookmark, and the devs could make that every month there is a banner of a certain Ml 5* that have a pity summon on it.

PD: we still dont know how that mechanic they are talking about would work but still looks like a lot of changes needs to be made, so my last statement could be a better option than the other way they thought about.

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    2019.07.28 16:23 (UTC+0)

    The only problem I see with the ml pool merger is that dizzy will be more broken and used more than ever@. Other than that this merger is fantastic. Love the direction the game is going

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    2019.07.29 14:02 (UTC+0)

    Most likely no refunds because u get banned, but they might get free stuff

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