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arena balancing [4]

everyone is crying about ML units and what not and its kind of funny. giving everyone an equal chance has never been more toxic. not that i disagree with all the complaints mind you. but with that said, instead of nerfing everything, how about buffing units that are useless instead? 

also, i am surprised that no one really mentions how to fix arena mechanics. instead of nerfing units, how about fixing arenas mechanics?  instead of having dmg output to the point of one shotting teams, make it so dmg is reduced to the point it would give slow teams a chance to come back. it will shift teams away from nothing but speed. speed would still be an option, but if arena was made that ML ara/baal didnt mean it was a single turn fight,  you wont have to nerf units to the ground. 

im sure there is better ideas out there, but they are probably getting drowned out by the tears.

edit: i forgot to mention, nerfing ML units and units in general due to pvp messes them up in pve too. i would hate to see pve options decrease thanks to pvp. always ***** to see that happen since it ruins a part of the game that some may enjoy and never have any intention of touching pvp.

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    2019.07.19 19:33 (UTC+0)

    Umm, this balance is in place because the CEO stated that he intends to release real time Arena by the end of this year. The only way this will be successful is if team composition becomes more important than individual unit strength. This means balance. Which is why normal units were already slated to be buffed, and now its official ml's will be changed (rebalanced, nerfed) to match.

    What units are useless, may I ask? I know players that would swear on heroes like carrot, PearlH. and rima. and built them to be quite solid units.

    I personally believe once this summoning nightmare is out of the ways for devs, the can finish releasing all their general content, and then do a second pass over older content (adding modes to defense Arena, rebalancing challenges, etc). 

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    작성자 2019.07.19 19:46 (UTC+0)

    nerfing MLs is just a band aid and isnt going to solve the problem. all it is doing is shifting the meta,  which is always good but it isnt making solutions to the core problems. nerf culture is going to come back and cry about the next OP unit. if you change the mechanics itself, it allows units that were not as viable before to shine and you can still buff other units that need it.

    primary meta of speed stack needs to change to give others options. it will alwo make the arena more meaningful instead of mash three skills and done. i have a decent team now, but I would be more than happy with retooling my teams so im not having to speed stack everyone.

    i just feel that the only challenge being getting your speed stats with gear to 240 boring.

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    2019.07.19 21:09 (UTC+0)

    I think the fact that the hyper aggressive pvp units are being rebalanced means that defensive comps will be able to take the spotlight. 

    Maybe things like Dreamblade Kayron, AssCart, and Violet will climb to legend. Maybe Water's O. M.azelxRavixCorvus will. 

    Speed wins because units with too much power in their kit not only hit hard, but are oppressive. Units don't have healthy counters. a unit thats extremely fast shouldn't be able to cc a stall comp and kill it slowly despite the stall comp having healers/damage mitigation.

    Nerfing dark/light unit's isnt meant to fix the problem of pvp, it's meant to help. the same way SG planning to buff normal units should help. the same way maxing 3* units becoming easier should help. 

    Again, RTA will be the a worse hell if player controlled matches begin to point out how abusive/imbalanced some heroes are. Because defense arena is still exploitable with things like lv 30 Sven.

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    작성자 2019.07.19 21:33 (UTC+0)

    thats still not fixing the problem. you are just swapping out units and stacking new units with speed. its the same boat but with different characters. nerfing MLs just means there will be a new unit that becomes meta.

    if the solution is to go back to stacking speed on units, all you did is make a new character meta. Hopefully, one that is easier to build, but still the same effect. if you change arena so that it lasts longer than one turn, you will be able to work past cc. 

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