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Moonlight Summon Suggestion [3]

  • 3ndorphins
  • 2019.07.19 17:10 (UTC+0)
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First and foremost, I'd like to thank you for your willingness for change and being receptive of the Epic 7 player's opinions and worries. The recent string of events and actions involving SmileGate Megaport shows that the developer and publisher is willing to change for the better, allowing Epic 7, as a game, to be more successful.

With the recent introduction of the letter from the CEO of SmileGate Megaport, there are a lot of drastic changes involving MoonLight Summons that needs to be rethink. This suggestion is in regards to Moonlight summon changes and nothing else.

I agree that the Gold Transmit Stones is a "paywall" for a lot of the players. However, Moonlight summons are special and there need to be a sense of rarity when it comes to acquiring these heroes. My suggestion is as follows:

- Remove Gold Transmit Stones entirely but maintain Galaxy Bookmarks. Currently, 20 covenant summons are require for 1 Gold Transmit Stone, totaling 120 summons for 6 Gold Summon Stones. 120 summons for 1 Moonlight summon/5 Galaxy Bookmarks is just not feasible for any player, especially when the rates are not favorable and even depressing.

-Change the Monthly Check In rewards to 1 Moonlight Summon/5 Galaxy bookmarks instead of 1/2 Gold Transmit Stone each week.

-Events should have 1 Moonlight Summon/5 Galaxy Bookmark as a reward from time to time.

-With the planned released of Hell Raid Bosses, players now have 10 chances of acquiring 1 galaxy bookmark each week. With enough time and luck, even a Free-to-Play player will have multiple Moonlight summons accrued.

Combining Moonlight Summon with Covenant Summon devalues Moonlight heroes. However, keeping Moonlight heroes behind Galaxy Bookmarks will ensure that they are still prized and coveted units.

With the removal of Gold Transmit Stones and the introduction of the various new ways of acquiring Galaxy bookmarks, Moonlight heroes will be easier to obtain than ever.

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    2019.07.19 17:43 (UTC+0)

    I agree that an adjustment to currency would be better than combining ML with covenant summon. However I don't think that the removal of gold transmit stones is needed. I would like to see increased chances to obtain both gold transmit stones and ML bookmarks.

    Perhaps one of the easiest ways is to decrease the number of covenant summons needed to get a gold stones from 20 to 10. Additionally, reduce the number of gold stones for one summon from 6 to 5. (I see people saying 4, but that might be too generous if it were easier to obtain the stones.)

    I'd also like to see more gold stones as rewards from "reputation", especially the side stories. I always feel disappointed with getting 3 silver stones for completing all reputation quests in side stories, and would much rather see 2 gold stones, as the reputation quests themselves give lots of silver stones.

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    2019.07.19 17:44 (UTC+0)

    And then just an overall increase in ML bookmark drop rate. I think small changes like these would make it easier to obtain ML units, while still maintaining that feeling of accomplishment, as you would still need to work towards getting them.

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    2019.07.19 22:54 (UTC+0)

    they should remove all the ways to get MLs by paying/buying BMs etc , add more ways to farm ML summons and Mystics in game as rewards from new raid bosses/GW etc and keep the mystic gacha the only way people can whale to have a good chance for a good 5* ML and that way they are limited to only get last ML 5* and also add the 40 pity summon to ML gacha

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