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Please Vote regarding summoning changes. [14]

So, I have read different opinions regarding upcoming changes of summoning system, so lets vote to be more specific. I will start by saying officially that I do like the change.

Could a GM pin this post please.



ML summons will be placed in the regular summoning pool.

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    2019.07.19 18:41 (UTC+0)

    Ml summon is special, that restricts people (including whales or F2P players) to own and max all ML heroes, if you put Ml heroes in normal summon, all whales will have all and max Ml heroes within a week. Even more people will use the same heroes everywhere. Please think of any change from players' point of view. I promise you, if you make this change, you will kill E7 within a year. 

    Having said that, rebalance both ML and normal heroes and change the way just speed and speed everywhere is the way to solve the problem.  That almost can make most people happy and willing to spend time and money in E7

    For banner summon, I think you should put Pity summon for the 1st banner hero, that's it, then people can get that banner hero within 120 summons, but hard to SSS that banner hero.

    Also, focus on putting resources to give us new tasks, cooperate guild boss, cooperate world boss, is so easy to do man 

    Once again, we love E7, please do not destroy it, just my 2cents Oo

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    2019.07.19 18:58 (UTC+0)

    I dunno, maybe thats the case, but think about it. Having the ml heroes in the regular spawn wont hurt the game at all. It will just make it harder to actually get those heroes.

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    2019.07.19 20:26 (UTC+0)

    I believe putting dark/light units into covenant summoning will make it equally as difficult to SSS any nat 5*.

    With a ceiling, the pull will be something from all nat 5* fire/water/earth/dark/light heroes (>40) + all 5* Arts (>23).

    SSSing anything would require a vast amount of luck. 

    Because the nat 5* norm to dark/light roster is 29:11 (almost 3:1), players will more commonly pull non dark/light units.

    Actually, if 5* arts are included in the pity summon, 5* non dark/light to dark/light roster would be 52:11 (almost 5:1). Thats a 17% chance to get a dark or light hero. It's a better rate than ML summons. this is good. 

    They'll still be rare, but not op.

    The chances of getting a dupe from this, let alone sss, is gated by extreme luck.

    A player getting 1 water nat 5*, 1 green nat 5*, 1 fire nat 5*, 2 5* Art with only 1 dark or light nat 5* will be a common scenario. For f2p's (121 pulls/month), this would be half a year of pulling. 

    Who cares what whales get? They will always have more.

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    2019.07.19 21:11 (UTC+0)

    i guess all the p2w people gonna cry and complain...

    then again this changes the status quo ..but that is NOT a bad thing.

    personally ill watch and see how it goes.. but for the first time in MONTHS i feel positive about E7.

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    2019.07.19 22:38 (UTC+0)

    D- I believe the actual system is bad. But i believe that adding them to normal summon and call it a day is also bad.

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    2019.07.19 22:50 (UTC+0)

    add 40 pity summon and call it a day, nobody loses anything, everyones gets something guaranteed from ML summons, also add more ways for f2p to get ML summons and Mystics, as day 1 f2p ppl should have already  40 summons by now if not they must be very close or they didnt farmed Hell raid

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    2019.07.20 00:00 (UTC+0)


    lol you and I brother. I feel the same.

    I came to bi tch at the stupid fanboys again but find this change interesting. I may come back to play when the Japanese server opens.

    the dudes raging at the coming change are funny though

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    2019.07.20 00:14 (UTC+0)

    Guess, I'm in the minority then.

    These changes won't affect me and all because I only treated ML as trophy anyway. I don't follow meta, I use everyone I want to use not because it is the available meta. Heck, I don't even use Iseria/Tama combo even though I got both for 3 months already.

    ....Oh look, who's here? The one who claimed to leave the game is already here again. The reason why reddit call the "community" is toxic. XD

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    2019.07.20 08:51 (UTC+0)

    I prefer that they don't remove ml summon, instead make it more accesible and rewarding. Or even better, put ml 3star on regular banner and make ml summon only for 4 and 5 stars exclusively.

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    2019.07.20 14:08 (UTC+0)

    they should add all 3* ml to the regulal summon and for gold transit only 4-5* with better chances. Anyway i hate old summon system, pulled 32 ml summon and got zero 5*. Just that image they add new ml like per month is really sad for me, with no chance to get them.

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