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ML Heroes in Regular? Hmm... [11]

  • Flynnize
  • 2019.07.19 15:35 (UTC+0)
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So I've just read the message from CEO and bla bla bla...

Basically, I think they're gonna balance all ML heroes then put them in regular summon, so ML will not be so overpower compare to the others.

Thus, what come next is a disaster maybe...

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    2019.07.19 16:10 (UTC+0)

    if u wanna know what is OP is heroes that u use for any content and are doin very good, and only heroes i can think off is Ise/Tama , if ML heroes are designed only for PvP and they good at PvP i dont see whats the issue, if they just add a 40 Pity summon i think that would be the easiest and best solution to this.

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    작성자 2019.07.19 16:19 (UTC+0)

    Ise/Tama is my favorite combo indeed, it's funny how people craving for ML summon haha. Like a whole bunch of people with "I've played for so long but no 5* ML, I'm gonna quit if you don't give me one." 

    It's just stupid.

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    2019.07.19 16:26 (UTC+0)

    if they wanna balance heroes, they should start right away with Ise/tama that are used for literally all contents in game then u can start with other OP heroes from other contents, people still think S.Ara is OP but they dont realise she needs ML.baal to work etc. So if they really wanna nerf OP heroes they need to nerf Ise/tama/Dizzy first then ML: Baal, Ruele , Vildred and Armin , thats all that deserve a nerf, and they have alot of heroes to buff i guess

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