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Guild Recruitment

7Epicwaifu recruiting!

Guild Recruitment

Guild Name : 7EpicWaifu

Available spots : 3

Region/Server : Global

Guild level : Level: 16

About us :
Sup everyone! We're from 7Epicwaifu, a semi chill guild looking for more people who would contribute and help us make this guild better in every way possible! We only ask for the players to be active and is able to participate in war.

Guild Requirements :

* Discord is needed for more communication.
* Needs to be in master league or above or have 200k cp in war.
* Being offline for more than 3 days without a reason = kick.
* Gotta participate in guild war! I mean it's the only reason to join a guild.

What we offer :

* Friendly conversations with various kinds of people and help for whatever reason needed.
* Daily buffs (Give and take, you donate and we offer you daily buffs)

Pm me here or on Discord Raiception#1211 or Rimuxu#0912 if you're interested! What are you waiting for, come join us and let's help each other!

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