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Help with team composition with Schuri [8]


I've been playing for 20 days now and getting the hang of the game, but still thinking this is a complex one!! I would welcome some tips in how to beat the challenges the game offers.

I decided to build a speedy team to play in both arena and pve, but I'm starting to think to drop the idea and make a normal composition with less synergies.

My main team was : Schuri, Silk, Ras and Lots. I made Schuri the star of the team, being supported by the other three. Silk with infinity, Ras with guaranteed double attack and Lots with Regen for more turns. 

The thing is in the last week I got Amarintha, Ludwig, Angelica, Charlotte, Kitty Clarissa and Kise, so I'm thinking of investing on some of those and change my team composition.

¿Any tips on how to build a new team? The only one I want to keep for sure is Schuri, as I already have all of his equipment maxed and has 60k CP.

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    2019.07.17 13:40 (UTC+0)

    if u are new,i advise to drop on ur current team n focus on making a water team base to prepare wyvern hunt,since the set that drop from it will be use on all heroes(speed sets),gz on pulling angelica n kise both very good unit for the hunt,make angelica as ur tanker(hp sets n hp main stats with speed boots),kise as ur pure dps atk/crit sets with ddj(day dream joker),for the other 2 slot u can put any heroes with debuff(def break) or sp.dps.

    your shuri need to change his gear if u thinking of using him, shuri are never meant to be a pure dps he a sp dps that provide cr(combat readiness) to the team,i suggest you built him speed/crits sets,with critical chanc/crit dmg/speed main stats.

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    2019.07.17 13:42 (UTC+0)

    That's an awesome dmg Shuri to have built in 20 days of playing. 

    I think you foreshadowed it yourself. Dropping silk for Ara, would make a good g11 comp. I'm assuming you have Hazel. Building her and SC'ing will give your team much needed balance also. 

    Also, despite a free dual attack, Rosa hargana is pretty solid and makes Ras that much less valuable. Charlotte is the perfect Ras upgrade as she is a damage knight that offers WAY more bang for the buck. unless you have a -Justice for all- or -Hilag's Lance- Damage Ras fully built, it's not worth it. Even still, because Charlotte is literally a better version of Ras, all the investment would better go into her.

    It's unfortunate, Ras's s1 does nothing. Butcher is a better 3* fire knight if you want one. And butcher is due for an SC soon.

    I disagree with Izieziel. farming g11 is fine. Aim for spd main on whatever boots you use. It's okay to drop speed main boots for counter/unity/Durandal sets though. Speed isn't everything.

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    작성자 2019.07.17 14:50 (UTC+0)

    Thanks for your kind replies. I happened to roll for really good Crit gear sets and I heard Schuri needs 100% crit to work properly so I couldn't ask for both +100% crit and +Speed; maybe I can build him that way in the future, but this is how it turned out. He has so much damage because of the boosts from the equipment, I was looking more at the Critical rate and less at the increased dmg.

    I think I got extra lucky with the gear though; I can always give Schuri's gear (Crit+attack) to Amarintha or Charlotte, and Silks gear to Schuri (SPD+atk). Today there is an unequip event so any advice would be great.

    I pulled Haste today too, so I guess I have some flexibility on my team comp, I'm just lacking in experience.

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    2019.07.17 15:19 (UTC+0)

    Schuri needs at least 90% CritChance.. with Speed boost so he can exploit his Combat Readiness manipulation. You don't need attack boost for him though.

    Silk is good for early game, but she kinda Sucks at late game. For example, when you want to hunt more equip set (like Speed set from W11), she is not really helpful. My Silk is lvl 60 (invest S3 skill for reducing CD) but I only raise her to defeat abyss 85 (Dark Corvus).

    Haste is my favorite, I've been using him since I pulled him till now. He is a game changer, he can sustain your team while dealing massive damage to the enemy.

    And I've seen that you have got Angelica too. This is good news since she is very USEFUL unit in every situation. Raise her, and you won't regret it. She can even defend herself from W11 if you raise her well.

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    작성자 2019.07.17 18:42 (UTC+0)

    So from the heroes I've got right now, who do you guys recommed me to raise, for the best synergy?

    I don't have the resources or molagora's to keep up everyone with good sets, so I would like to know who should I focus right now :)

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    작성자 2019.07.17 18:44 (UTC+0)

    Something like Schuri / Haste / Aramintha / Angelica? Problem I see with this they got good synergy, but they are all fire units.

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    작성자 2019.07.17 23:28 (UTC+0)

    Just got Shadow Rose today too :D

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    2019.07.22 02:30 (UTC+0)

    I don't really know what to say 'cuz imo, schuri isn't built like that. Haste/Ara/Schuri/Ange, well so so a combination of poison + bleed + burn debuff, this is more like Golem killer team, not synergy, you did not say what your intend to build schuri for pve or pvp, it's hard to give a clear idea without purpose.

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