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  • 2019.07.17 05:04 (UTC+0)
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Done 1. Abyss: once a player have cleared the very last floor, their Purify button now auto purifies all their Abyss Tokens. (Purify will now use all Tokens)

2. Sorting options: by Class, Alphabetically, Starting Rarity, Skill enhancement level.

3. Transmit: Button to automatically sell all Penguins by star rarity and element.

3.a also to stop accidental unit sell, a Sorting options to hide Phantasmas and Heroes

4. Training Grounds Revamp: removal of gear drops and guaranteed charm drops.

4.a daily limit to 3 per day.

5. Cracks in the world: now instead of 3 times per day on each chapter and difficulty, it is now changed into key/token entry, 15 keys are auto generated on daily basis, max of 15 keys.

5.a each entry now costs 1 key and 40 stamina.

5.b Urgent quests now spawns has higher chance of spawning upon clearing these stages, higher difficulty has higher chance.

5.c World difficulty stages now have heroic charms on their loot table.

6. Hunts: every 10th entry now drops a guaranteed Epic rarity equipment of random set and sub-stats. This counter resets to 0 once a user obtained a Epic Rarity earlier.

7. Promotion: an new buyable Team slot that has the ability to automatically promote selected units after each and every run if possible.

7.a 11th Team slot will be named Team A, this team are PvE only and costs 1000 SkyStone.

7.b Top and Bottom can only contain Base 2* Monsters of different type.

7.c Front and Back can contain either 2 Phantasmas of different type or 1 Phantasma and a Unit to farm.

7.d base 2* Phantasmas are automatically promoted to 3* when a run starts and if there are unused base 2* unleveled Monsters available.

7.e base 3* Phantasmas are automatically promoted to 4* when a run starts and if there are unused 3* unleveled Monsters or Phantasmas available.

7.f base 2* Monsters are automatically promoted to 3* whenever they reach a max level and have a unleveled base 2* monsters available.

7.g Base 2* Phantasmas that have reached 4* or 3* max level (when there's no material or monsters available) will be swapped by a new available base 2* Phantasmas.

7.h Base 3* Phantasmas that have reached 5* or 4* max level (when there's no material or monsters available) will be swapped by a new available base 3* Phantasmas or if there's no available 3*, it will chage with base 2* instead.

7.i Base 2* monsters that reached max level will be promoted to 3* automatically whenever there are available base 2*.

7.j Base 2* monsters that have been promoted to 3* will be swapped by a new 2* available, In case there is no available monsters to change with, it will remain in the slot.

Done 8.Hero and Inventory Limit: Raise cap to 1000. (Kind of, they only increased Hero Cap by 50)

======= Hero Buff Suggestions =======

1. Dominiel 4* Ice

1.a Skill 3 now have +25% Combat Readiness Buff to self + additional 25% per stun proc.

1.b Skill 2 now applies Barrier equivalent to 20% of Dominiel's Max HP.

2. Charlotte 5* Fire

2.a Skill 1 now gets a base of 25% chance to activate Skill 2, chance increases by another 25% if Defence Break procs.

2.b Skill 2 if activated via the effects of Skill 1, the Stun chance is halved.

3. Lilibet 5* Earth

3.a Skill 1 now have the user's Max Health scaling as damage.

3.b Skill 2 now have the user's Max Health scaling as damage.

4. Haste 5* Fire

4.a Skill 2 now reduces Skill 3's cooldown per Bleed stacks.

5. Armin 4* Earth

5.a Skill 3 reduces cooldown by 1 each time the user is attacked twice.

Disclaimer: this is only my own suggestions and it might light up some fire, but for me, this list here can potentially make the game more fair and enjoyable as some content are mainly ignored like Cracks of the World or Training Grounds.

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