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Build 'Specialty Change' heroes... (updated) [3]

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  • 2019.07.13 18:44 (UTC+0)
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    "Kluri (s.c. to Falconer Kluri)" a tank & "Montmorancy (s.c. to Angelic Montmorancy)" a healer, SG/SC are creating battles where these heroes (and potentially other heroes with a 'Specialty Change') will shine.

    For example, 'Automation Tower' Floor 95 mini-boss is susceptible to the S3 of hero "Falconer Kluri" since her S3 does no damage thus not considered an 'attack' (in the traditional sense at least) therefore not triggering the mini-boss' debuff cleanse mechanic.

    I tried my semi-built "Kluri" on floor 95 of 'A.T.', HUGE difference in how fast I dispatch the mini-boss, she only gets one chance to do her ultimate instead of three chances (need more dps to give her no chance at using her ultimate skill).

    Building hero "Kluri (s.c. to Falconer Kluri)" can help "tip the scales in your favor" should you not have heroes who can penetrate (ignore) defense (being key in the end-game battles along with debuff 'attack decreased').

    Building hero "Angelic Montmorancy" who can cleanse debuffs as well as provide buff 'immunity' (team-wide when soul-burned) may allow you to drop a second healer/support hero for a dps hero or bolster your double healer composition.

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    2019.07.13 19:04 (UTC+0)

    Umm, i second this very much.

    I think many posts have widdled down to older players stating building an sc Hero and having proper gear can really help clear content. If it needs to be made explicit:

    build SC heroes. They are fantastic.

    To tldr the OP's post.

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    2019.07.17 03:11 (UTC+0)

    I don't think that the content was created in any way to promote specialty change characters. I think that a lot of players just dismiss 3 stars and want 5 stars since others have them. Lorina and Axegod are very good dps/Roozid is in a lot of pvp leagues/Angelic Montmo is a very good healer(her auto a.i. can be not optimal sometimes though)/kluri is never subject to elemental disadvantage.  I think content like tower just allowed for players who are interested in challenges to make an excuse to win. Not everyone that wanted to clear tower happened to have this or that 5 star and just met the challenge by figuring out alternate ways to defeat the content and SC units and strategies relating to them are accessible to most of the playerbase.

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    2019.07.17 03:18 (UTC+0)

    If they actually do remove mola cost on 3 stars I think we will start seeing them being used a lot more often. The mola investment is probably one of the biggest factors other than gear sw ap issues that really makes players minimize investment into any 3 star. How it is setup now the investment is so high that there is minimal experimentation and you end up seeing a small thoroughly tested group of units/teams being used and many who do not obtain the characters in that set just give up until they manage to get them if they do.

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