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Wyvern Hunt 10 - y***ol [1]

  • OFFICIAL Dominiel
  • 2019.07.22 10:15 (UTC+0)
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Tips to clear Wyvern 10

I would suggest to have a team composition of 1 Damage Dealer (DPS), 1 Healer, 1 Defense Breaker, 1 Tank.

1. Damage Dealer


a) Luna - She is one of the best single target DPS in the game, her skill set is build to end Wyvern. She has a two turn defense down from her ultimate skill along with her high damage first skill, these skill sets are perfect for Wyvern runs.

b) Kise - can be very good because her first spell deals extra damage when Wyvern has it's shield buff on. Players need to clear the shield before Wyvern's turn as it deals massive damage if the shield is not broken.

c) Alexa - Her skill 1 is the skill that is only needed for Wyvern. Build her with damage equipment and decently high critical rate as she can gain an extra turn after landing a critical hit.


a) Day Dream Joker - this 3 star Artifact is one of the best in the game! Because Wyverns have a large max HP pool the damage from units increased significantly. This Artifact speeds up your Wyvern run.

2. Defense Breaker


a) Taranor Guard - One of the best 3 star water Heroes for Wyvern. His skill sets are perfect for Wyvern runs. He has a defense break from skill 1 and a passive dual attack with skill 2. Further more once a dual attack is triggered combat readiness of your team is increased!

Equip him with some effectiveness stats and a Day Dream Joker and you are good to go!

b) Karin - She has a defense break spell on skill 2 and you will gain an extra turn if she lands a critical hit! Being a water unit she will have a higher chance of landing a critical hit and gain a second turn to burst the Wyvern with her skill 3.

c) Clarissa - She hits like a truck! Only her first skill is needed for Wyvern as she can land defense break debuff on Wyvern which can help your DPS to kill Wyvern easier.

3. Healer


a) Angelica - This unit is one of the best healer in the game as she can heal massive amount of HP and also granting immunity and barrier to protect the team. With low skill CD on her skill 2 she can heal your team back to full quickly. Extending the sustainability of your team!

b) Angelic Montmorancy - She's the latest addition to the specialty change unit in the game. After SC she can heal much more and help your team to survive in Wyvern runs.

c ) Diene - She's good mainly of her buffs where she can increase the attack of your team and at the same time negate damage from the opponent which is great in Wyvern runs.


a) Rod of Amaryllis - Gives extra heal which is always great

b) Idol's Cheer - Gives your highest attacker combat readiness

c) Water's Origin - Gives you more survivability when Wyvvern aims your soul weaver

4. Tank (to soak/absorb damage)


a ) Krau - He's naturally tanky and can take many hits from Wyvern. He has a defense buff on his skill 2 which can help your team to sustain. Furthermore he can also be a good damage dealer when his skill 3 is activated (hp lower than 50%)

b) Tywin - He can be good as well because he can take damage and also buff your team with increase defense. His skill 2 can also buff your damage dealer


a) Sword of Ezera - with the introduction of this Artifact, boss runs are easier where your tank can take less damage (up to 30% less). This is great for Wyvern runs

b) Aurius - Arguably one of the best Knight Artifacts, it soaks up damage that was received by your team and increase your team defense by 10% This can help your squishy damage dealer to survive.

These are my suggestions and preferences but there are plenty of other good heroes that can fit in Wyvern 10 team. Good Luck hunting!


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