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Wyvern Hunt 10 - Y****hxe

  • OFFICIAL Dominiel
  • 2019.07.22 10:15 (UTC+0)
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Hello, I would like to talk about tips on completing Wyvern 10.

Wyvern 10 is a very tricky hunt as opposed to the newer Wyvern 11, and is very similar to Wyvern 9, and very different compared to Wyvern 8.

I will cover a lot of different compositions for newer and older players alike that will help them overcome Wyvern 10 in the easiest way possible with their current compositions.

First off, what does Wyvern 10 compose of? We've seen Wyvern 9, and if you breezed through it, you can breeze through 10 as well. We have the first stage which is pretty much a Soul farm. The best time to fight against Wyvern boss is when you are at 2-3 souls. The Wyvern boss has a very tricky condition for cancelling its double attack. You need to inflict 2 running debuffs to mitigate its attack to 1 so it can’t charge up its barrier cooldown quickly. You can, however, opt to tank the attack, but the random target of Wyvern 10's attack makes it hard to control, especially if you're not running a full water comp.

For your composition, the very best composition contains Angelica. Angelica is a 4 star Ice type soul weaver with a immune and heal on her s3, and a 2-target heal on her s2 which makes her a pretty good choice for Wyvern. However, if you do not have Angelica, you can still finish Wyvern with Achates or some other 5 star Soul Weaver, like Tamarinne or Diene. All units should be faster than the Wyvern, or at least, the Debuffer and Soulweaver should be faster than the Wyvern.

Continuing with the composition, a good composition will consist of the following:

  • Soulweaver
  • DPS
  • Debuffer
  • Assister for dps/debuff

Having one of each of these will guarantee extreme success against the Wyvern boss.

Let's talk about each role we have for our composition.

Soulweaver: Probably the most basic of them all, a good pve content team must always have a good soulweaver. Soulweavers currently available for completing Wyvern 10 would be Angelica, Diene, Tamarinne, Achates, and the ever recently Angelic Montmorancy is currently included ever since her change. Soulweavers should mainly have Speed/HP for their set, with HP Necklace, HP or Def Ring, and Speed Boots

  • Angelica, like I said probably is the best Soulweaver the game has to offer. She has full team Heal + Barrier + Immunity which makes her great in Wyvern for turning squishies into tanks of their own against Wyvern's attack because the barrier scales with 15% of Angelica's health. This way, you would never have to worry about overhealing your units, because what the extra health sums up to is just extra health. If soulweaver's were to have an identical artifact to Etica' Scepter, Angelica would be godly. 
  • Diene and her ridiculously fast speed and constant combat readiness pushing makes her an extremely viable Soulweaver OR Assist in Wyvern. However, she does not have a base heal unlike all given soulweavers aforementioned. What makes up for her lack of heal is her constant attack buff and barriers. Diene equipped with Rod of Amaryllis will mitigate this effect, and make her a full fledged soulweaver role for the Wyvern hunt.
  • Achates and Tamarinne have very similar kits, which makes them very important for Wyvern. Achates' Invincibility on her S2 makes it easy to tank Wyvern attacks, and can be used to protect squishies in case Wyvern is revved up to double attack. However keep in mind that using fire type soulweavers will make clearing Wyvern 11 harder because of the new condition system at Wyvern 11. Please subject to this option when you have no water soulweavers.
  • Angelic Montmorancy, recently, is a very interesting inclusion to the array of soulweavers, however, her requirements of heavy investments make her hard to incorporate and very little to offer on Wyvern 11, I have not yet to try Montmorancy on Wyvern 11, so it's better if you experiment a little with the information you obtained in this guide.

DPS: A short term for Damage Per Second, which would probably mean for Epic Seven as Damage Per Turn. These units should be strong and fast and should not be sitting idly on lower than 50k CP. The sets of these units vary on how they will be used on general content.

  • Luna is to-go top of Wyvern, however, if you do not have her, units like Kise and Sez can work aswell. Luna should opt to wear Attack/Crit or Speed/Crit or Destruction/Crit  sets with Crit Necklace, Attack Ring and Speed Boots, and should sit at 70% critical, if s2 passive has been maxed out. Her S1 should be maxed out as much as possible, but does not heavily require it to do so.
  • Kise is also a good choice, her ability to deal a lot of damage against shielded units is her strong point in Wyvern, she fits the roles DPS and Assist and can be used with another DPS for stronger firepower. Her S3 can also delay they Wyvern shield by 2 turns, which makes her the actual anti-Wyvern unit. Wear Attack/Speed or Crit/Speed sets with Crit Necklace, Attack Ring and Speed Boots. S3 and S1 should be maxed out as possible but, again, does not heavily require it to do so.
  • Sez is moderate choice for DPS, his scaling will be hard to manage due to Wyvern's high health. Regardless, Sez is still viable up to Wyvern 11, but there would be better choices. Wear Attack/Speed with Crit Necklace, Attack Ring and Attack Boots. S1 should be maxed as much as possible.
  • Karin is a good choice for Wyvern due to her def break and critical scaling. She can only fit the role DPS despite having a def break on her S2, however it only lasts 1 turn enough for her to pair with S3. Wear Destruction/Crit with Critical Damage Necklace, Attack Ring and Speed Boots. She must be sitting at 95-100% crit chance for her to work.
  • Sol is also a good choice with his HP scaling skills and would probably make short work of Wyvern boss with an assist that has def break, but like most fire-type DPSes, they cannot be migrated to Wyvern 11, only use them when they are growing for other content and is viable to bring at Wyvern 10. Sol should wear Destruction/Crit set with Critical Damage or Crit Chance Necklace, Attack Ring and Speed Boots with Daydream Joker artifact.

Debuffer: These makes Wyvern weaker than usual aswell as place that slow down sign on Wyvern's cooldown gauge. Good debuffers currently compose of Dizzy, Mistychain and Chloe.

  • Dizzy would be by far the best one to bring for wyvern, paired with Angelica makes her an unstoppable force to keep your DPS and Assist focus primarily only on damaging. Her s3 soulburn will keep Wyvern boss at a very uncomfortable time as she can inflict three debuffs when Wyvern boss does not have it's shield up. Wear Speed/Effe with HP or Crit Necklace, Effectiveness Ring and Speed Boots. Dizzy's artifact choice should be Etica's Scepter but if you do not have Etica's Scepter yet, you can opt to use Ranon's Memorandum.
  • Mistychain is the budget Dizzy with high amount of attack rate on her skills. She can work as an assist and debuffer at the same time with her high attack rates. However, if you have Dizzy, you can just bring Dizzy to make short work of Wyvern. Wear Attack/Effectiveness set with Crit Necklace, Attack or Effectiveness Ring and Speed Boots. Artifact can be Sira-Ren, Etica's Scepter or Ranon's Memorandum.
  • Chloe is a extremely great choice for Wyvern, as her Magic Nail cannot be resisted, meaning she can sit on zero effectiveness and still inflict debuffs. However she can only apply one debuff at a time, but she is still very useful with a debuffer assist or if she fits as a assister role. Wear Speed/Crit with Crit Necklace, Attack Ring and Speed Boots. Chloe can use Ranon's Memorandum or Creation & Destruction artifacts.

Assist: This is the trickiest, but most probably flexible role. Assisters will mainly compose of those who can inflict debuff and deal damage at the same time, while not being as heavily invested to pure damage as opposed to DPSes. Assisters can also be those who help tank enemy attacks via Aurius or provides atk buff to allies. Listed down are viable units for assisting.

  • Taranor Guard, requires heavy investment on s1 and s2.
  • Tywin, must have high speed for constant Atk buff on DPS, also has def break. S3 should have cooldown -1
  • Kise, great for destroying shield and delay.
  • Diene, constant buff and shield.
  • Chloe, with Magic Nail's hp scaling damage along with fast attackers.
  • Sol, hp scaling and +1 debuff on wyvern. Does not require high atk but however requires high crit dmg

Keep in mind that using non-fire units at Wyvern 10 will make them unusable for Wyvern 11, unless the +10% Combat Readiness per non-water unit turn does not affect your comp combo, then you can put maybe one fire unit on Wyvern 11.

Please keep in mind that the units mentioned are not ALL the units viable for Wyvern, but merely the obvious and maybe easiest units to grow and bring. As closing, a few of these units are mainly limited, but does not mean you cannot advance without them. There are other possible ways to keep up with Wyvern such as, tanking the double attack without debuffing or getting three DPS with Debuffs or the very iconic trio comp Luna, Taranor Guard, Diene that requires heavy investment and opens 1 slot for unit leveling.

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