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Wyvern Hunt 10 - St****ut

  • OFFICIAL Dominiel
  • 2019.07.22 10:15 (UTC+0)
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The dreaded Wyvern Hunt Stage 10. Many say harder than 11, but each presents their own set of challenges. Our discussion will not go into these fundamental difference, but how to get you past this particularly challenging stage.

What makes the Obsidian Wyvern so tough? Well many things really. This beast's ability to play multiple turns is something to fear. Playing multiple turns using Fire Breath makes it that it can reduce cooldown on Tail Swing, thus possible to survive longer to ultimately wipe out your team with Dragon's Might in a single strike (or close to)! If that wasn't enough, Fire Breath can target any member of you party with the ability to poison them on each strike. With Tail Swing's immunity to Speed decreases and Dragon's Might's immunity to combat readiness decreases, you best be prepared.

So many things need to be considered to be victorious in the challenge you face. The main points I will focus on are Survivability, Damage, Debuffing and Speed (includes combat readiness). Keeping these in mind will allow you to build a team that can drive you to success.

Let’s look at Survivability first. It’s no secret, in order to clear most content in Epic Seven, you need to survive. If you can’t live, you can’t win! Survival is not just about healing you team in this stage, but also the ability to cleanse yourself of those poisons.

Damage is the second thing to consider. You need to be able to output large amounts of damage to clear this stage, especially when Obsidian Wyvern uses Tail Swing and puts up that shield. You need that destroyed as quickly as possible to allow your team to survive, because if this beast uses Dragon’s Might, you are likely to fail this stage.

Next is Debuffing. This is a key element to surviving and increasing damage output. You need to have at least two debuffs active on this monster to stop the second turn on Fire Breath, which as mentioned earlier, equals more damage received, more Tail Swings, and more chances to die. Make sure to take advantage of the all mighty Defense Break debuff, seeing as it has a double function here, increasing your damage output and potentially stopping Wyvern’s attack capability.

Finally Speed. A fast team is a successful team. Playing more often means healing more often, cleansing regularly, debuffing as much as you can and dealing more damage. When speed is harder to attain, make use of combat readiness increases on your team. Watch out though, speed debuffs and combat readiness decreases are pretty much useless on this beast.

Keep in mind that Buffing is not out of the question here, just not a key element here. It helps, a lot, but not vital. You can get all sorts of useful buffs that play off these four points mentioned above, such as healing overtime, debuff immunity, attack boosts, crit boost, speed boosts, and so on. If you have them, use them.

So what type a team can you use? Well, the setup I am proposing is something almost all players can obtain. I am using the notion that RNG is not always kind to everyone as my basic rule of thumb here. Therefore I have limited my selection to 3* heroes and 3* artifacts. Included is a proposed build, a substat focus, in order of priority, and the reasons I chose this specific hero.

Angelic Montmorancy – Prophetic Candlestick – Speed set and Resist set – substat focus on Effect Resistance %, Speed, HP %, Defense %

With her short cooldowns, making her speedy and Prophetic Candlestick, you can have her healing and cleansing so regularly that you need not fear this monster’s heavy attacks and poison. Additionally, she increases her combat readiness with Earnest Prayer.

Commander Lorina – Daydream Joker – Destruction set and Critical set – substat focus Critical Rate %, Critical Damage %, Attack %, Speed

Damage dealer extraordinaire, she is a force to be reckoned with. Her ability to stack attack increases on her passive, Spiritual Armament and decent attack multipliers allows you to really hurt Obsidian Wyvern quite a bit. Increasing her combat readiness on every Sharp Blow she deals is just the cherry on top.

Alexa – Daydream Joker – Speed set and Critical set – substat focus Critial Rate %, Attack %, Speed, Critical Damage %, Effectivenss %

One of the harder members to build, but not one to overlook. With Cold Edge’s 80% to inflict 2 poison effects, and this without any Molagora investment is huge. Not only that, you can Soul Burn this skill to ignore effect resistance! If that wasn’t enough, it also increases her combat readiness. Extra attack on Fell and increased damage on debuffed enemies on Crushing Blow, she’s was made for this.

Falconer Kluri – Egg of Delusion – Speed set and HP set – substat focus Effectiveness %, HP %, Speed %, Defense %

This one may seems perplexing seeing as she is weak to the beast’s element. What make her so useful is her passive ability, Magic Resist, which recovers health at every one of her turns for you party members. Another major use for her is the skill Fluri Attack! which has the ability to decrease defense and this with no elemental disadvantage seeing as it is not actually an attack as the name suggests. Just like Alexa, this skill can be Soul Burned to ignore effect resistance. Also with every Light Step, she increases her combat readiness.

So overall, is this the best team for the job? Perhaps not, but it will get it done, and on a budget. As mentioned, not everyone has a Diene, a Luna, a Dizzy, a Tywin, an Angelica, and so on, so you make do with what you have. If you have stronger replacement, go for it! Using stronger heroes equals better chances for success, just don’t forget the basic principles.

And on a final note, don’t give up. Get out there and farm some gear, level that gear, awaken those heroes, promote those heroes and upgrade those skills! If you can’t do it today, keep at it, and you might do it tomorrow.

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