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First 6 star [3]

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  • 2019.07.06 04:25 (UTC+0)
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I've been having issues deciding on who my first 6 star should be. I have a number of 5 stars ready for upgrading. Tamarinne, Tenebria, Ravi, Dingo, Mercedes, Silk, Montmorancy, Hazel, Lorina, Kluri, Aither, or Ras. I'm leaning towards Tenebria but I've heard amazing things about Lorina and Dingo. I regret upgrading Aither and Ras as far as I have so... I figured I'd ask for opinions. Which of these guys would be best to upgrade first or should I wait until I get someone else?

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    2019.07.06 04:41 (UTC+0)

    6* Lorina and make sure you complete her specialty change ASAP (it's super long but its worth it). She can carry you through abyss right till the end and can be used for Raid and other boss fights.

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    2019.07.06 04:59 (UTC+0)

    Go for Ravi, first 6* must be a farmer. 

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    2019.07.06 05:09 (UTC+0)

    Tamarinne - OP healer for PvE, very weak early without good equipment because her ** scaling is bad but with proper equip she can solo heal and tank at the same time.

    Ravi - Could be used in Golem, Abyss, Raid as tank + damage dealer. After her buff, she can now spam S3 unlimited provided she has enough fighting spirit. With Lifesteal set + Sigurd, she can even tank Wyvern 11.

    Tenebria - Because she is currently your only Def breaker, has good dmg but need some effectiveness for her debuff to land on the enemy.

    Dingo - Very situational hero, his S3 is really good (reduce all allies cd, cleanse debuffs, and able to reset after killing enemies). But other skill than his S3 is just your usual atk + a bit of debuff and low skill ratio. Can be replaced with Lorina / Silk / SC. Hazel (for constant atk buff and more heal)

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