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Tower feedback [6]


Just wanted to provide some feedback for the new tower.

floors 1 to 95 not bad.

96(Ken) absolute rng nightmare, not fun and annoying, not matter the comp, the win condition is him not counter attacking 3x in a row.

97, 98, 99 not bad challenging but, ok, ml ara was doable with enuff dps, still rng heavy

floor 100, no matter what is used the requirement to win is rediculous, u need very specific geared heros with almost max mola, and top teir gear

-energy cost is way too high

-you do not get account xp

-please allow veteran players to xp fodder if the energy is going to be that high

-the difficulty and the final reward do not match at all!

For anyone reading this I have a very strong account and have long cleared all pve content, many max mola'd heros, +15 80+ gear, and key ml heros for pve content, (no d. corvus or i woulda beat 100 =p)



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    2019.07.02 19:14 (UTC+0)

    Floor 96 no crit allows + Dizzy for me. Rng was crazy. Floor 97/98/99 I don't see that much rng to be honest. Floor 100... WTF IS THIS S.HIT??? How does someone even clear this???

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    작성자 2019.07.02 19:24 (UTC+0)

    rng on ara was just her not hitting the dps required to kill her right at the start, and getting out of the first room with them alive, my units are built tanky, so, rng in the fact that one would get triple attacked b4 the dmg rotation started on boss,

     floor 100 literally used tama, c. armin, montmo sc, destina, just to see how bad the scaling was, could go 8 rounds with 9k to 15k healing a round, still killed everyone at that mark, i have an insane c. dom, luna, yufine, they could not get him below 60%, before the dmg ramped, max mola c. armin, trust me i tried everything, ml achates too, if i had d. corvus i could do it, with the rest of my roster

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    2019.07.02 19:33 (UTC+0)

    At least you could damage it. My team was slower than the boss so it casts barrier on it and even with def break after that it wasn't enough to break the barrier before it reapplied :/

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    2019.07.03 00:11 (UTC+0)

    You guys do understand that the tower is supposed to be a long term PvE challenge?not something u clear in a hour and pat yourself on the back and forget about for 1 month. Now I am NOT saying the tower is an amazing piece of content, ITS NOT the rewards a laughable the energy cost is Way too high an the last few levels make people want to break their phone. But long term is the key part, this was the Devs FIRST swing at this if in a few months nothing changes the give them hell about it

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    2019.07.03 03:09 (UTC+0)

    @Avi55. You mean long term for new players right? Because most of the people that are complaining or giving feedback about it have done EVERYTHING there is to be done in the game. So the long term would be to pull an unit that would be able to kill X floor.
    I also disagree with "being the first time they are doing this" we have Abyss which in my opinion is pretty much the same thing. Not only did it have 80 floors it was later added another 10, so 90 floors = plenty of data to know about it.

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    작성자 2019.07.03 03:38 (UTC+0)

    please don't misunderstand, i'm not being mean, i "should" be able to come alot closer than i did to beating it, it's literally impossible, without the afore mentioned things, which means it's gated by luck/money/time(some who have played since release still don't have key heros) i pay 15$ a month for the xp stuff cause the game is worth it to me like an mmo sub back in the day, just wanted to give some honest feedback is all, beating it quick is not my intent, beating it in a month is, so unless i pull corvus soon, don't see it happening =p

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