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[Dev Notes] 6/14 June Developer Notes

  • Dominiel
  • 2019.06.14 13:10 (UTC+0)
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Hello, this is Super Creative.

Today we will be sharing with you the Epic Seven Festa FAQ. 

We here at Epic Seven feel that the most entertaining aspect of Epic Seven comes when players can improve their heroes. In order to improve this aspect of Epic Seven, we have gradually tried to improve upon areas that have impeded hero growth, such as the supply vs. demand of equipment as well as items necessary for enhancing hero skills. With the updates that will occur in June, we are improving the supply of accessories. After the updates in June, we plan to monitor how these changes affect the community. Additionally, we plan on continually improving Epic Seven with updates, and we apologize that we weren’t able to deliver these answers at the Epic Seven Festa.

1. MolaGora Improvements 

In the previous update on March 28th, the second improvement of the MolaGora System was implemented. However, because it appears that the skills that some players wish to enhance for their various heroes are still too costly, we are preparing a third round of improvements to the MolaGora system. Currently, we are planning on reducing the MolaGora cost to be 12~18% lower than the current standard and are preparing to implement these changes in the July update. After the MolaGora system is improved, players will receive any excess MolaGora spent via their in-game mailbox. In addition to these changes, we are also created new content which rewards players with MolaGora too. For example, we have added the Adventurer’s Path missions which rewards players MolaGora necessary for early hero progression and starting on July 1st, the new content, Automaton Tower, will also offer MolaGora as rewards. However, please know that we are not considering a skill recall function. We are planning new content so that different heroes can be used in a variety of content, such as for the World Boss which will be included in the future. Additionally, we will continue to balance heroes so that every hero can be used effectively.

2. Balance Changes 

Recently, we have received many questions regarding the balancing of new Moonlight heroes and we consider these questions to be very important. Moonlight Heroes have been designed particularly for PVP content. Currently, we do not offer any PvE end game content that allows players to compete with each other, so heroes that are commonly used in PVP content have a higher value. Later on, we plan on revamping quests and introducing new and more challenging PvE content such as a World Boss so that other heroes can be used in additional content and become more valuable. In addition to these changes, we will also be monitoring the usage of newly released heroes and balancing older heroes so that their rate of selection isn’t drastically different when compared to newly released heroes. Additionally, we also plan on creating new metas and strategies with the release of new heroes. At the Epic Festa we announced balance changes that will occur on June 27th. We will go into the finer details of these changes in a separate notice. First, though, we would like to explain the main intention of the balance changes within this notice.

<New Hero: Lilibet>

 The new hero, Lilibet, is planned to be released as a Warrior with an ability called “extinction”. Extinction is a powerful new skill that disables the targeted hero from being able to use revive both passively and actively. Currently, heroes that can employ resurrection effects are heavily used in Arena, and with the addition of Health sets, it is not easy to effectively counter these heroes. The new hero, Lilibet, aims to add new strategies into the Arena, on both offense and defense, allowing for new party configurations and a wider and healthier meta.

< Arbiter Vildred >

Revival is a key component for Arbiter Vildred, however, after revival, some players found it difficult to deal damage and to continue to survive. 

Various improvements have been made to increase the effectiveness of Arbiter Vildred.

Please see the balance changes for Arbiter Vildred below.

Arbiter Vildred


 Damage dealt will no longer be affected by health lost. Instead, the base value of the damage dealt will increase by 30%

Dark Contract

After this passive skill is activated, his Combat Readiness Gauge will increase to 100% and his attack will increase for 2 turns.
 Passive Cooldown 10 Turns -> 5 Turns

Dark Blade

Damage dealt will no longer be affected by health lost. Instead, the base value of the damage dealt will increase by 30%
Decrease Hit Chance will be increased to 100%.

Please see below for an explanation of the changes to Arbiter Vildred’s skills. 

Self-Resurrection, Combat Readiness, and Attack Improvements

When the improved Arbiter Vildred resurrects through his passive skill, Dark Contract, he grants himself 100% Combat Readiness and increased attack. In most situations, immediate action is possible after resurrection, and with an increased attack, powerful attacks can be made with the skill, Dark Blade. 

An improvement to Arbiter Vildred’s passive skill, Dark Contract, allows for him to attack right after self-revival due to his Combat Readiness gauge being increased to 100%. The increase in Combat Readiness and attack following revival allows Arbiter Vildred to use Dark Blade to great effect.

Damage Increase and Performance Enhancement 

Currently, the more life that Arbiter Vildred's enemy loses, the stronger his attacks become. We have decided to remove this requirement and instead increased his base attack so that players can consistently expect high performance from him. Additionally, we have also increased the Decrease Hit Chance effect from 70% to 100% when Dark Blade is used. 

To summarize, Arbiter Vildred not only offers powerful resurrection abilities but also an increase in attack power. In addition, the reduction of Dark Contract’s cooldown to 5 turns allows the improved Arbiter Vildred to show his true power. 

< Ravi >

Ravi is a tanking dealer with the ability to absorb damage as Health. There are advantages and disadvantages when using her skill, Devil Drive. Utilizing her skill may not always go over smoothly. 

We plan to rebalance Ravi so that more favorable situations can be created when she deals and lifesteals. 

Please see below for the rebalancing changes made to Ravi. 


Amount of Fighting Spirit obtained has been increased from 10 to 30 

Devil Drive

Before: Damage dealt increases proportional to the Fighting Spirit

After: Damage dealt increases proportional to Attacks and Damage taken

Please see below for an explanation of the changes to Ravi’s skills.

The conditions for attack increase have been adjusted 

We have made improvements to the initialization of attack increase when the skill, Devil Drive, is used. The rebalanced Ravi is independent of the Fighting Spirit and her attack increase effect persists when she attacks or when she takes damage. 

The amount of fighting spirit after using the skill, Slaughter, has increased

For the skill, Slaughter, we have significantly increased the amount of fighting spirit granted from 10-->30. This change means that Ravi will be able to use the skill, Devil Drive, more frequently, which will allow her to stun the enemy more often and utilize her lifesteal effect. 

To summarize, Ravi is different from other typical warriors because she can attack and tank at the same time. We have enhanced the hero and improved the usability of the skill, Devil Drive, which gives enemies powerful debuffs. We intended to have a hero who can greatly contribute when attacking the enemy and bring about stability to the team.

< Sigret >

Previously, Sigret was seen as a damage dealer who could attack consecutively. However, relative to other heroes, she is not as prominent as she once was.

In order to make Sigret more viable as a damage dealer, we have made the following improvements. 

* Full specs will be listed in detail later on and the table below is a tentative version of her changes.



The chance of inflicting two bleeding effects is increasing from 35% to 50%.


The chance of inflicting bleeding is increasing from 85% to 100%.


Penetrate Defense by 30%

In addition to the heroes mentioned, we are also considering balance changes to following heroes: Judge Kise, Maid Chloe, Violet, Blood Blade Karin, Assassin Coli, Corvus, Cartuja, Purgis and Lots. We look forward to hearing the valuable opinions of our heirs in regards to these heroes that have been selected.

Please note that the changes above are not final and they may differ when the actual balance update occurs. 

In the future, Epic Seven would like to be able to balance heroes and artifacts at approximately 6 to 8-week intervals to encourage unique metas with players using a wider variety of heroes. 

3. Moonlight Summon - Improvements
The amount of materials required in order for players to be able to receive a Moonlight Summon is high. Additionally, the difference between the expected results and the actual results is also large. Therefore, we have been discussing the need to implement certain safety measures.
However, we need to take caution as we approach this issue because making improvements to the summon system would change the value of many heroes and material in the game. We have heard a lot of opinions from our Heirs regarding this issue and both the developers and publisher regard it as an important issue.

4. Gameplay Convenience Improvements

Next, we will take a look at the improvements that will be made to ensure that our players have a more comfortable gameplay experience. These details are the same as what was discussed during the Epic Seven Festa Q&A session. However, a lot of our Heirs did not know about these details due to the fact that they were not added to the previous developer’s notes. 

We would love to share them with you now. 

10 Consecutive Summons

In the beginning of the update, we did not consider adding a feature where users would be able to carry out 10 consecutive summons. However, we are now looking into the possibility of this feature. Even if we introduce this feature later on, we think that it is more important to improve the current one-time summon system first. In the previous update, we made adjustments so that players do not have to tap on ‘TAP’ when summoning. Current improvements include adding the option to skip certain steps when summoning and improving the process for when players are summoning repeatedly. 

Repeat Battle & Auto Open Treasure Chests 

We are currently preparing a pet system which will improve gameplay during battle. We are not just thinking about adding pets that would only have a single function but we would like players to acquire pets that they will nurture and strengthen; pets that will help them on their adventures in Orbis. Due to all these factors, it seems that the development of this feature is getting delayed. However, we do plan to add this feature during the third quarter at the earliest or sometime within the year at the latest. 

Auto Promote 

We, the development team, think that the process when promoting a hero is quite complicated and it is vital to improve the process. The following are the steps that are taken when promoting a hero.  

  1. Select a Hero to promote from the Hero list 
  2. Tap the Promote Button 
  3. Select heroes to be used as promotion material
  4. Tap on the Promote Button 
  5. A long effect animation is played 
  6. A pop-up displaying the enhanced stats is displayed 
  7. Exit the Promotion window 
  8. Select another hero to promote 

We are going to make improvements that will ease this process, at least for phantasmas. We plan to make these improvements in July at the earliest. 

Inventory Expansion

There are many details that are involved in order for us to make adjustments to the Hero window and expand the inventory. As a result, it is not possible to make changes to this immediately.  However, we understand the frustration that players may face due to the lack of space in their inventory. We have worked on and are still working on the following to fix this issue. 

  1. Storage Feature Added in the 5/29 Update 
  2. Charms (excluding equipment charms) will be sent to another inventory in order to free up more space. 

Once the plans above have been completed, we will look into carrying out additional changes. 

This is all we have for you in today’s FAQ. 

We understand that we are not able to answer all of your questions in just this FAQ. However, we would love to hear any opinions you may have on this. Thank you for all the love and support you have shown Epic Seven. 

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