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Please get rid of the 15% innate Resistance. [20]

This is a "turn-based strategy game", not a "turn-based pray-to-RNGsus game".
At least, get rid of the RNG that makes players lose despite doing nothing wrong.
Despite having better team compositions than the opponent,
despite having better equip and stats than the opponent,
despite having spent 20 TIMES MORE MONEY than the opponent,
you just lose if you're unlucky.
How fun is this?

Do you know how harmful this 15% innate resistance is to the game?
Two stats on equips are "trash stats" just because of it.

Although Effectiveness and Effect Resistance are the hot topics nowadays,
do you know how stupid and inefficient it is to invest into these two stats?
Resistance on a hero starts at 0%,
but the first 15% of the Resistance stat you get from equips does absolutely nothing.
Having 0% or 15% Resistance both just equate to 15% Resistance.

So, for example, you give up a 2-set to equip a Resistance set to get 20% Resistance,
you only have 5% more Resistance
than a hero who did not invest into Resistance at all and has 0% Resistance, and instead invested into other useful stats.
Resistance 15% (0% but 15% innate), Crit Chance +12%
Resistance 20%, Crit Chance +0%
It would be stupid and inefficient to give up a Crit set to get 5% more Resistance.

The same goes for Effectiveness.
Getting 200%, 300% Effectiveness is not easy, but even then, what for?
What does having way higher Effectiveness than your opponents' Resistance do?
Even when all the opponents have 0% Resistance,
you fail to land every debuff due to the innate 15% just because you're unlucky, and lose the match.
Is this fun? Would people spend money to get better gear just to be triggered by 15% Resistance?

Summoning system, equip farming system, accessory farming system, equip crafting system, equip enhancing system
This game has more than enough RNG already.
I don't think it's a good idea to make people get sick of battles as well due to RNG.

Please, get rid of the 15% innate Resistance.

I think it's better to rather get rid of the innate Resistance
and have the base Reistance of heroes and monster to something like 50%.

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    2019.05.26 13:07 (UTC+0)

    BESTIf anything the REAL issue is the 400 inventory space and 250 unit space!

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    2019.05.25 20:44 (UTC+0)

    i feel you mate, my ml ken have over 100 effect resistance, but still gets debuffed by dizzy and other debuffers, like ml ara, and ml asahel.

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    2019.05.25 22:34 (UTC+0)

    How do you even know you have better builds???

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    2019.05.26 00:06 (UTC+0)

    So... Your solution to 15% effect res is to add 50% effect res... what?

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    2019.05.26 01:03 (UTC+0)

    @RanceX  Op means to get rid of the "fixed" 15% resist that can only be bypassed with "ignore resist" skill. And instead introducing 50% base effect resist that is "not fixed" meaning with 150% effectiveness all skills with debuff will penetrate it regardless of "ignore resist" skill or not. So, no more RNG resist.

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    2019.05.26 01:40 (UTC+0)

    Just so you know, damage isn't the only thing affected by elemental advantage. Even if you have 100 resist on a fire character, this will be affected if you're against an ice opponent. 

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    2019.05.26 05:42 (UTC+0)

    Luck is what the game makes more complicated, therefore  making it more interesting. You can increase your chances, yes, but to have certainty in results is plain boring. 

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    작성자 2019.05.26 06:38 (UTC+0)

    @RanceX please go easy on sarcasm when you're the one who couldn't comprehend

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    2019.05.26 07:00 (UTC+0)

    We know that we love rng

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    2019.05.26 07:17 (UTC+0)

    So how about rng speed? should we get rid of it too??

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    2019.05.26 09:39 (UTC+0)

    @drittereich i did understand it overall, you want there to not be a fixed 15% no matter what your Effective is and start us off with 50% effect resist instead, like crit dmg's 150% initial start. BUT that would make it be even more of a "whoever is faster wins the game." This is basically the only "comeback" mechanic in arena, but it's not like we're all banking on that 15% either way so obviously more res is usually taken if possible. So your "fix" would break the game and make something even more annoying appear. Also, didn't you say you hate effectiveness and find it to be a wasted stat? Why would you want us to need at least 50% effectiveness to start landing any CC skills at all?
    Only thing I agree on is if the first 15 in eff. res is being wasted then that should be addressed. Not 100% sure it is or isn't though.

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    작성자 2019.05.26 11:04 (UTC+0)

    @RanceX Jesus, i don't even know where to begin

    >BUT that would be breaking the game and make it be "whoever is faster wins the game" on the sheer fact that there would literally be no counter-play to CC skills, even with the 15% it's not like it resists 100% of the time

    This makes zero sense. You're saying the current "be lucky and RNG resist with 15% chance" is the counter play to the CC skills? I hope not. You even said it yourself. "even with the 15% it's not like it resists 100% of the time". Because it's not supposed to resist. It's not a counter play. It's a lucky RNG that's you shouldn't rely on happening. No one in their right mind would call a 15% resist on all 4 units an "all planned counter play".

    "whoever is faster wins the game" is the current meta. I don't even know why you're acting like it isn't, and it will only become so with this change.

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    작성자 2019.05.26 11:06 (UTC+0)


    >There wouldn't be any comeback mechanics during an arena anymore if CC was guaranteed to hit either.

    Again, it's stupid to rely on 15% to save you in arena. It's real stupid to call this a "counter play".
    So, no. Even in current arena, you go in expecting to get CCed if you don't outspeed or have higher resistance.

    >So your "fix" would literally just break the game and make something even worse appear.

    This again just shows you're unable to comprehend the point. CC is supposed to land when Eff>Res. Simple.
    You stack resistance to avoid that. Simple.

    What if even with your 100% crit chance, you have 15% chance to not crit on neutral/weaker elements?
    Because... duh, fairness, amirite??

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    작성자 2019.05.26 11:07 (UTC+0)


    >wanted to add that if we started with a certain amount of resistance, we'd have to invest even more into effectiveness and since you don't like that stat either, you'd probably still complain even if they implemented this.

    You really need to up your reading skills. Read. Yes, read the damn text.
    15% innate resistance is what makes Eff and Res stats inefficient.
    And BECAUSE they're inefficient, it's stupid to invest heavily into Eff/Res.
    I don't like the Eff stat? Jesus. Please learn to read. Thank you.

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    작성자 2019.05.26 11:07 (UTC+0)


    Okay, now if you've learned how to read, back to the topic.
    My point is: make us invest into Eff/Res for god's sake.
    Yes, this is 100% opposite from what you thought I was talking about.
    We should be investing Eff for debuffers and Res for cleansers, and not only like "ok 130% eff im good gotta invest rest into speed now because it's 50/50 with the 15% anyway". No. Debuffers should be fully invested into Eff. Cleansers should be fully invested into Res without feeling stupid for being inefficient with stats.

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    2019.05.26 12:41 (UTC+0)

    15% isn't 50%
    Comparing Crit and Eff/Res is comparing apples to oranges, completely different mechanic.
    Investing into Eff/Res atm isn't even inefficient, that 15% rarely even comes into play against high res teams and Eff would just close whatever gap there is as much as possible. It's more of a thing that applies in PvE and low tier PvP. Nobody in reddit cares, no nobody in other forums cares, nobody except you has really posted about it in this forum. Basically it's not really even an issue that affects the game overall or that bugs anyone. Every game has it's own different mechanics, I've yet to really play a game that isn't touched by RNG in fights one way or another, even played games where 100% crit can be a lie and it wasn't even a mobile game. RNG is especially prevalent mobile games no matter what you play though.

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    2019.05.26 13:07 (UTC+0)

    If anything the REAL issue is the 400 inventory space and 250 unit space!

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