[Dev Notes] 5/22 - May Developer's Notes
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Developer Notes


Developer Notes

[Dev Notes] 5/22 - May Developer's Notes

Hello, this is Super Creative.

Foremost, we would like to thank all our Heirs for the love and support that they showed Epic Seven’s first collaboration. We will continue to do our best to provide our Heirs with the best gaming experience through various collaborations. With these Developer Notes, we would like to share with you details of the May 29th update and Episode 2.

1. Europe Server Launch 

Currently, Epic Seven only supports three languages; English, Traditional Chinese and Korean. However, we have received a lot of interest from players in regions where their local language is not supported. Specifically, during the Epic Seven Guilty Gear Collaboration, we were able to reach new players that live in Europe.

 We are pleased to announce that we will be launching a new server as well as additional language support. The languages which will be supported are German, French, Spanish and Portuguese. The new server will be better tailored in regards to certain time-related contents as well as offering better server stability for players in the European region. As many of you may already know, Epic Seven has a lot of dialogue and text. We would like to offer our heartfelt gratitude to the localization team at Smilegate for their hard work. 

We will continue to work hard to provide the best service to all of our Heirs who have shown so much love and support for Epic Seven. Once again, we would love to thank our Heirs from all over the world. 

2. March 30 Update Information

Thanks to an increase in the size of our team of developers, we are able to bring new content to our players as well as improve and expand on the content we have already created.

On a daily basis, more than 10,000 new players download Epic Seven. Those players who may not be familiar with RPG collecting games have expressed some difficulty with Epic Seven. In order to help alleviate this issue, we are preparing new guides to help our new players.

We hope that our players that are already familiar with Epic Seven will still benefit from this guide and the rewards that come from completing this guide. We also hope that our new players will be able to utilize these new guides and use the rewards to increase their heroes’ strength!

Additionally, we promise to provide our players with more detailed information on the various contents of Epic Seven so that our players will be able to find anything they need instantly. We are also planning on improving our Adventure mode, with a focus on higher level difficulty stages.

Along with the changes above, we also plan on including a new specialty change!

Montmorancy, the innocent, eager, but mistake-prone apprentice will be officially ordained as a nun. Through skill tree enhancement, players will be able to improve Montmorancy’s ability to provide immunity and remove debuffs on her allies, making her a powerful selection for contents that require a debuff dispeller and immunity. 

3. Episode 2 Preview

From Destina’s side story, A Concerto of Light, Fire, and Ice, which begins on May 22nd, 2019, players will be able to see how Episode 2 begins. We will release more details about Episode 2 on June 9th, 2019. 

This concludes our Developer's Notes for May. We will continue to do our utmost to provide our players with a game packed full of content that they enjoy, so please continue to give us your love and support.

Thank you.

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