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[Global] Rashomon Recruiting 300K+ CP

  • RANK61
  • Jath[Jath]
  • 2019.04.23 17:00 (UTC+0)
  • 조회수 515

Rashōmon Competitive Guild Level 17 Guild Wars Rank 96
We are currently looking for new players! Looking for a competitive guild before Guild Wars? Join our Discord and PM me. 

Requirements to join our guild: 
- Rank 60. 
- PvP Rank of Master V + 
- Donate everyday. 
- 300K + CP 6-Hero GvG Team 
- Participate in every Guild War 
- Join our discord server and be active on it. 
- https://discord.gg/zsUEPb8 

You are also welcome to join our Discord and hang out even if you do not want to join the guild. We have a lot of skilled and helpful people!

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