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GLOBAL | Lvl 16 "LoliCity" Guild Recruiting [1]

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  • 2019.04.22 19:43 (UTC+0)
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Hello fellow Heirs~! Guild "LoliCity" is looking for more active players/contributors on the Global server. We are a semi-casual guild with many active members, and we want you to be apart of us!

We have lolis!

We require discord!

We have a healthy aid system going.

I try to keep the guild buffs going 24/7. I also keep some buff slaves who help me too.

Did I mention that we have lolis?

Please dm me on discord @ practicebot#0218 for further inquiries.

Thank you for your time and uh...heres some of our top contributors. Come join us to collect all the lolis!

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    2019.04.23 07:20 (UTC+0)


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