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Luna x Dizzy [9]

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  • Lushy[Lushy]
  • 2019.04.22 10:03 (UTC+0)
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My Entry for April's Best Fan Art Event

Painted my own impression of Luna plus the new collab hero Dizzy from Guilty Gear  
I'm still learning my way into art so every opinion is appreciated, Thank you !!!

And don't be shy to give a Like XD


IGN: Lushy 
Server: Global 
Title: Luna x Dizzy


Animated Gif:

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    2019.04.22 12:53 (UTC+0)

    Short answer: Nice work :D

    A bit longer with my opinioin ( can be ignored lol ) 

    What i think is iconic about Dizzy is her angel/demon wings and that tail with that knot on her tail, and feelt like you didt took advantage of that, kinda sad actuly becouse your Luna is increable, and the diffrent horns sizes was a nice touch ( now i wish it was like that in game ) , Luna look a bit likes shes falling back? not sure its just me lol

    would be nice to see some of your other arts aswell ^^ 

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    2019.05.08 03:27 (UTC+0)

    wow fantastic

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    2019.05.08 03:30 (UTC+0)

    i frreakin love more adult i played fantasica from start to end, i love your work.

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