[Update] 4/10 (Wed) Update Content
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Game Maintenance


Game Maintenance

[Update] [Update] 4/10 (Wed) Update Content

1. Special Drop Rate Up! Round 2!    

During the event period, players will have a higher chance to summon the warrior who is loved by all due to her skills on the battlefield, Iseria! Not only can she reset an ally’s cooldown, she can also prevent the enemy from becoming stronger!

This is the perfect opportunity to meet Iseria, the Knight of White Flowers, protector of a solemn oath and Second-in-Command of the Order of the Sword! 


4/10 (Wed) after the maintenance ~ 4/17 (Wed) 14:59 (UTC)

2. Champion Zerato!

A strong contender, Champion Zerato, has appeared. Challenge his strength!

Event Availability

4/10 (Wed) after the maintenance ~ 5/1 (Wed) 18:00 UTC

How to Enter

After clearing stage 6-1. Northern Wind Corner, go to the Lobby and tap [Battle] > [Challenge].
Lobby > Battle > Challenge > Champion Zerato

How to Play

The ‘Champion Zerato’ Challenge is available in Normal, Hard, and Hell difficulties. Higher difficulties will become available upon clearing the preceding difficulty.

Players have a chance of receiving the 4★ Artifact Iela Violin each time they beat the Challenge.

[Possible Rewards]


Possible Rewards

Champion Zerato

4★ Artifact Iela Violin, Normal ~ Good Destruction / Resistance / Lifesteal / Counterattack Equipment (Weapon, Helm, Armor, Boots), Lesser Charms, Gold, Stigma 

[★4 Iela Violin Drop Rates]


Drop Rate







4★ Artifact Iela Violin Description (Mage) 

- Iela Violin is an event Artifact that can only be obtained during the Challenge duration. This Artifact cannot be sold to obtain Powder of Knowledge.




Fine, I'll give you a chance.

Clear 10 times on any difficulty

4★ Iela Violin

I'm just testing your ability, that's all.

Clear Normal difficulty

30,000 Gold

You're better than I expected.

Clear Hard difficulty

3 Silver Transmit Stones

In the end, I was the one turned to dust...

Clear Hell difficulty

1 Gold Transmit Stone

3. Exclusive Arena Season 2 Items

Exclusive Arena Season 2 items have been added to the Conquest Points Shop. In order to purchase the new equipment and the Unknown Slate, players will need to have the required amount for both currencies.

Item List 


Conquest Points

Glory Crest


Passionate Frame



Once per account

Unknown Slate



Gladiator's Axe (S2)



Gladiator's Armor (S2)



Gladiator's Helm (S2)



Gladiator's Boots (S2)



Gladiator's Amulet (S2)



Gladiator's Token (S2)



※ The price for certain items may change after the season ends.

[Passionate Frame]

The Passionate Frame is an exclusive season 2 item and will not be available for purchase after the season ends.


[Unknown Slate]

The Unknown Slate will not be available for purchase after the end of Arena Season 2. However, players will be able to purchase it again when season 3 begins.

[Gladiator’s Equipment (S2)]

※The type and value for additional options for each equipment are fixed at the time of initial purchase. However, they randomly increase when enhanced.

4. Frame Feature Added

Players can change the frame of their Rep Hero by tapping the Change Frame button in the user information window. You can earn different frames by completing achievements or by being victorious in the Arena! 

How to Change

- Tap the Change Frame button in the user information window to change the frame of your Rep. Hero.

- Players can preview your Rep. Hero with the frame by tapping it.

- Players can see the name and description of the selected frame.

- Tap outside the menu to apply the selected frame to your Rep. Hero.

5. Hunt Guide Information Added

A guide has been added to Hunt mode! Now you can see which heroes and team compositions are used the most in Hunt!

■ How to Use

Tap the “Guide Information” button to prompt a new window to appear that will display more details about a particular Hunt stage.

In this window, players will be able to see the rankings for Heroes that have been used to clear the stage selected. 

If a player taps on a Hero specific hero, they will be able to see which teams featured the selected hero the most.

6. Other Improvements & Bug Fixes

- An issue that caused Leo’s skill, “Fox Hunt” to be used less frequently than intended during auto-battle has been fixed.

-  An issue that caused an ally’s Combat Readiness to remain the same after using Orichalcum Cannon’s skill, “Blitz” has been fixed.

- An issue that caused Mascot Hazel’s skill icons to be displayed in the incorrect order has been fixed. 

- The phrase, “Random Buff”, in the description for Rin’s skill, “Showtime”, has been highlighted. 

- Improvements have been made to Lidica’s posture when waiting for battle. 

- An issue that caused Silver Blade Aramintha’s Rep. Hero image to be smaller than intended has been fixed.
- Improvements have been made so that Karin's skill, Blade Art: Flash, is used first during auto-battle.

Side Story

- An issue that caused the boss, Corvus, and Lava Slime’s passive buff icon to be displayed incorrectly in the side story "My Knight Would Never!” has been fixed.

- An issue that caused counterattacks to activate the effect of Corvus’ third skill, “Fury's Advent”, in the side story, "My Knight Would Never!” has been fixed.


- Guides have been added for bosses in the Spirit Altar and all levels of Hunt.

- Adjustments have been made so that the cooldown for Golem Hunt Stage 1~10 Boss monster’s active skill, “Earthen Rage”, does not decrease when attacked with a dual attack, extra attack or a counterattack.

- An issue that caused the skill icon for the Banshee Hunt Stage 1~10 Boss, not to display when the skill, “Raging Spirit”, was used has been fixed. 

- Adjustments have been made so that the Azimanak Hunt boss’ passive skill, Explosive Force, is not affected by an extra or dual attack.


- Improvements have been made so that a message notification is not displayed on your screen when you summon or enhance equipment.


- Adjustments have been made so that the reward information screen is correctly displayed if there is no guild information for the opposing guild for Guild War. 

- Adjustments have been made so that the war log indicates a victory if there is no guild information for the opposing guild for Guild War.


- An option to view patch notes has been added to the “Notices & Events” button.

- An issue that caused the red dot to be displayed constantly on the Hero details button has been fixed.

- An issue that caused the attack value on the artifact enhance screen to not be displayed in bold has been fixed.

- An issue that caused the information on the upper left side of the specialty screen to be displayed incorrectly has been fixed. 

- An issue that caused the text for memory imprint variables to be truncated has been fixed.


- Some dialogues in the achievements and main story have been adjusted to fit the characters and world.

- Incorrect text on signposts in adventure [5S-2], Sun's Vestige, have been fixed.    

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