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Haste -fanArt- One day I will summon you <3 [5]



Artist: Jessica Smith 


Made in SAI 

I'm already wanting to make more. This was fun :) Feel free to add me on the game <3 

Still a newbie. 

P.S Haste needs a side story <3 

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    2019.03.24 23:41 (UTC+0)

    I was kind of lucky I got him really early. First I summoned Krau and right after that Haste. Back to back. RNG really did love on my first 15 pulls afterwards I usually get nothing good probably all my luck ran out. Hope your lucky time will come as well and nice fanart :D The only thing I can draw are cats. Yeah I'm a real mad lad lol

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    2019.03.25 04:42 (UTC+0)

    Good luck, I hope soon you get him! 

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    2021.06.10 03:27 (UTC+0)

    Now THAT is pog. Face is a little weird though. I too love haste, his design is so good.

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