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[Event] Valentine's Bingo!! [16]

  • OFFICIAL Dominiel
  • 2019.02.14 02:11 (UTC+0)
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Happy Valentine's, Heirs! 💕

Play Bingo with some of our sweetest Heroes and win great gifts! ✨

■ Event Schedule: 

2/13 (Wed) ~ 2/27 (Wed) 18:00 UTC

1. Valentine's Missions

Complete all the daily Valentine's Missions to get a chance to earn Energy, Gold, Stigma, Mega-Phantasma, or Leif!

2. Bingo

Completing your daily missions will give you one Bingo chance! Receive Charms for getting three in a row horizontally or vertically! 

3. Special Gifts

The more bingos you get, the more Special Gifts you can collect! ❤

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    2019.02.14 02:15 (UTC+0)
    this is cute :) and FINALLY a gold transmit stone, in this AND the side story, thank you for actually giving us more chances to get them, it has been a long time since you have. More of this plz
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    2019.02.14 12:27 (UTC+0)
    Is it even possible to get the gold transmit stone?
    We need atleast 3 days to get 1 bingo and we need 6 bingo to get gold transmit stone, but the event only last 14 days.
          It's not possible until something is wrong with the dates.

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    2019.02.14 13:36 (UTC+0)

    Three horizontal, Three vertical, 9 slots : 9 days.
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    2019.02.14 20:31 (UTC+0)
    Severs are down and freaking laggy all day hope we dont get compensated with a missly 80 energy again cause we are losing time to pull luna give some bookmarks for gods sake
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    2019.02.14 23:24 (UTC+0)
    This is fun, thanks!
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    2019.02.15 10:29 (UTC+0)
    Great idea!! My favorite part is how the last event gave +50 stam daily and reduced the amount of hunts because the cost went up because.... actually I don’t know. Hmm not sure why the cost went up. Anyway, the new events are so much better because not only do we get NO stamina, but we also have to go back to doing the original amount of hunts, but at an even higher cost, and to make it even better we have a one in five chance to win a little bit of stam back. It’s great! Can’t wait a few weeks to win all the charms that cost all the gold I made in my few remaining runs after hunts to enhance my flat stat gear. Thanks smile gate your really now how to make us feel special.

    Hahaha. It’s amazing. Even the gifts cost you. 
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    2019.02.18 15:00 (UTC+0)
    The arky sometimes go to the same spot that is already occupied, is this normal? 
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    2019.02.19 08:31 (UTC+0)
    Greetings, I am still pretty new. I didn't see the Valentine's event til today. I completed section 1 missions and claimed my prize, but I cannot find a way to interact with the section 2 Bingo board portion. Nothing I tap is causing any change in the Bingo board. 9 chocolate colored Arky mock me silently. Is anyone else experiencing difficulty with this feature? Because section 2 is inoperative I cannot even begin to hope to claim any bonus from section 3. I would appreciate any help or guidance. Thanks!
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    2019.02.19 15:18 (UTC+0)
    Where do I see the bingo?? :< I've been playing 3 days...

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    2019.02.19 17:17 (UTC+0)
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    2019.02.19 23:02 (UTC+0)
    Always remember to check out the Banners that scroll on the Lobby scene :).

    Nice Event, but I prefer the last couple of events tbh! the Monopoly one was fun (was my 1st event game, since I had just started playing then).

    Great job nonetheless, Super Creative! Keep up the great work with Epic Seven!

    P.S. And a Happy Belated Valentine's Day to all! <3

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