Uh.....hi I'm new. I would love some advice!
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Game Tips

Uh.....hi I'm new. I would love some advice! [5]

As the title describes it, I'm looking for advice for this game. More specifically with team building. I will try to make this as brief as possible xD

I want a team that focuses on poisoning/burning/bleeding/etc. the enemy. I would also love to add a bit of a debuffer feel to this team as well, but that might be too difficult. I am looking for a team that focuses on trying to either:

-Basically have a high defensive team with a really good healer and someone that deals burn/poison to the enemy. Basically wait and survive until the status affiliation kills the enemy along with one good attacker.


-Try to kill the enemy as fast as possible with the status affiliation, using high attackers and raising my Crit rate.

I am looking for units that:

-inflict poisoning, burning, bleeding, or anything of the like to the enemy.

-gains some sort of buff OR (preferably) deals more damage if enemy is poisoned, burned, etc.

-is able to make sure that enemies cannot heal

-last, but not least, be able to transfer one debuff from oneself and give it to the enemy.

Now I know that this might be too specific, but I’m mostly flexible with some of these ideas. I have an idea as to what my team can look like (though it isn’t that good xD) and a few ideas as which unit I could possibly use, but I want your guys’ opinions.

My (terrible) team idea:

-Dingo (because he inflicts poison, burn, bleeding I think, and can get an extra turn. Plus he is one of the only 4 virgos in this WHOLE game. #VirgosFTW. I would love to have a second unit that focuses on inflicting the enemy?)

-Tywin (I would prefer to have one tank, or at the very least someone who can take a few hits. Not only that but raising the chances for critical hits for him AND one ally is very nice!)

-Lots (I need a healer. I just prefer him opposed to the other ones….I know it’s really stupid but it’s true xD)

-Sez (I know. The overpowered and overused character, but honestly not only is his skill to make the enemy unable to heal mandatory for this team but he is just overall strong. I’m aware that other units have this ability to make the enemy unable to heal but come on...A) it’s Sez. B) it’s Sez. C) it’s like one of his main shticks based on what I’m seeing)

Units that I’m considering on adding/replacing:

-Assassin Cidd



-Specter Tenebria







….and yea. This isn’t good xD

Any tips and tricks for making this type of team, even if it’s a good team to make at all? Also please ask me for any clarification, I know I can be bad at explaining my ideas xD

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Kiris and Surin are a good easier combo to get too. Use the cool down guardian, “kromcruz” and watch certain bosses just die with yuh doing nothing lol. Have to make sure you have a decent tank tho cause you want the enemy to have their turn which means extra chance for them to hit your back units. Surin+haste is really good too.  

Thanks you guys! Also any tips for making a pvp team then?

Id recommend Zeno. If you can get your hands on this Artifact and pair it with zeno for increased random debuff chance.

It's a fun Idea if you don't mind investing long-term in it. The thing is, a full status team is probably better for pve and some boss battles but not-so-great in pvp.

The best unit for a status team is probably Kiris, who is a 3-star so she's easy to obtain. Her S2 can prolong the duration of all status effects. Surin is also good because her S1 can stack a lot of burn on a single target.

Speed is important for Status teams, because you'll want to stack effects as quickly as possible, but you'll probably want to invest in health as well in order to survive enough turns for the effects to do damage. High effectiveness will also be a must.

Honestly, this game is all about Gear and skill enhance, and last but not least skillsets they have. The most important is "Will you invest in them or not?". Because max enhancing skill is really expensive, even more expensive for higher grade star aka 5*. 

Different ppl will have different idea to build a team for their suitable need. So i cant tell you which one is good and which one is bad. You might need to considering what would you do when you want to build a team. Does it have good affinity with other role in your party? Can they fare well in any end game content (Hunt/Raid especially since both will be the stage where you end up wasting your time with grinding for good gear)?

Considering only use as minimum heroes as you can.

Here is an example of video that shows you dont actually need too much 5* to clear end game content as long you are dedicated.

PS : This video is not mine, credit to creator that developed "Free and Trash Unit for most ppl".

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