TrueApus lvl15 GW Guild (rank 8 in GWs)
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Guild Recruitment


Guild Recruitment

TrueApus lvl15 GW Guild (rank 8 in GWs)

TrueApus Guild Wars focused Guild lvl 15 and rank 8 in Guild War rankings with EXP/Gold Buff on all time and daily active members , recruiting very active players interested in Guild Wars and decent GW team.

Our requirements: 

-lvl 60 

-decent GW team (pref atlast 250k CP) or close to this with good PvP heroes

-active on all Guild Wars and follow the strategy on Discord 

-Aid and Donate daily 

-complete all Weekly missions 

-700 minimum weekly contribution 

-join our Discord and be active

 Who is interested in joining us, please join our discord and  DM MyLovelyForm after u join our server 

Also everyone is welcome to join our lewd Discord

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Guild Recruitment's post

작성 시간 02.04.2019

Resplended needs members!

2019.02.04 01:21
작성 시간 02.03.2019

Join LEAGUE [Asian Server] guild

2019.02.03 22:55
작성 시간 02.03.2019

TrueApus lvl15 GW Guild (rank 8 in GWs)

2019.02.03 21:39
작성 시간 02.03.2019

[DE] Suchen aktive Spieler für unsere Gilde

2019.02.03 18:05
작성 시간 02.03.2019

[Global] FR DustDevil recrute !

2019.02.03 14:39