Trouble getting Violet
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Daily Check-in


Daily Check-in

Trouble getting Violet [6]

Spending like 2000+ just to get him should I spend more or just stop?

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It is gambling. This is a pixel fruit machine.

You know that you're asking if you should you keep betting on outside chance 500/1 long-shots.

Absolutely not.

If you want him, just do some draws here and there when you get covenent for it, and dont expect getting him at every draw ^^ 

Hope you get him :)

I'm just a ****** for good looking men 😉

I'mma spend more wish me luck 

If its 2000 Skystones, **** it up since i spend 4k, if its 2000 bookmarks, why, violet isnt that good lol

RNG in E7 has the worst rate on any gcha game. There is, no pity system nor compensation for content purchasers on normal non limitted banners. Summon at ur own risk. You might end up wasting your whale money here.

It's actually a little bit better than fgo -

But really small differences like that won't matter to rnjesus

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Guild ZeroDawn is recruiting (lv30+) [1]

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Trouble getting Violet [6]

2019.02.03 05:34
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T1G is now Recruiting!! [1]

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