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Game Tips


I need to figure out who to 6* next, and probably need to be in consideration of doing hunts so I can get some decent gear since the rng in this game is shit.

my only 6* is Yufine and Zeno

5* - Destina - Bellona - Krau - Kayron - Kise - Surin - Serila - Dominiel - Schuri - Silk - Carmainerose - Kiris - Elson - Lorina - Roozid - Bask

4* - Shooting Star Archates - Purrgis - Leo - Corvus - Mercedes - Nemunas - Jena - Adlay - Mucacha - Alexa - Ras - Pearlhorizon - Assassin Cartuja - Hazel - Helga - Montmorancy - Jecht - Karin - Cartuja - Coli - Mistychain - Rima - Azalea - Aither  - Rose - Angelica - Rin - Romann

3* - Gunther - Pyllis - Arowell - Carrot - Tieria - Taranor Guard - Enott - Judith - Kluri - Taranor Royal Guard - Butcher Inq

My gear is bad, I can do stage 7 Wyvern - 9 Golem - 7 Banshee.  Master III pvp.

Who are the next 3 people I should 6*, I probably should do people to farm gear or are both useable in pvp and pve.

Most pve - Destina, Surin, Kiris, Yufine (I'm getting ***** in endgame Raid, so feel free to mention that as well)

Most pvp - Silk, Yufine, Destina, Krau
thank you for taking the time to help my noob ass. Also I'm F2P.

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I would prob go with what Feywood said, seems pretty solid

6* lorina first and promote her to commander lorina

if you have alexa basket, use it on kayron and build him and 5* rin

if you don't have it, you might have to build bellona first for aoe damager and she has -def, which is good for pvp and pve

and the last one maybe a.cartuja or karin

I vote for Gunther

Since Wyvern Hunts are the most important for most players. I suggest building that team first. I assume you are aiming to reach Wyvern 11. In that case, you'll want to focus on mainly water units, since they take 30% less damage from the boss.

Here are the units you want to consider building up:

Krau - Wyvern 11 only attacks the front, so Krau can be a good tank for his 3 hit combo.

Angelica - The go-to water healer. Great almost everywhere.

Kise - Deals a lot of damage once the Wyvern has its barrier up.

Surin - Great at inflicting status effects on the Wyvern. Based on your units, she is probably a must since you need to get multiple effects onto the Wyvern at 9-11.

Teranor Guard - Inflicts Def Break status for more damage.

I hope my suggestions help a bit, F2P here as well. You've got a lot of good units to work with.

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