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General Discussion


General Discussion

Best General Farmer [3]

Hi i am currently using sez as my only farmer but im not really satisfied with him..

And the lack of ressources to try out new units makes me hesitate and always delay my plans to make a new farmer.

When i watch videos or read the forum or reddit i often read or see good farming units... but i just cant decide and would like to hear opinions of player actually using some of my avaible units. 

So i will just write down my units.



-Arbiter Vildret


-BB Karin




So which unit would u guys use? 

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Vildred with proper equipment is the best bet here!

Is importand to have good friends they can carry u to grind adventure with 3 or 4 fodders.

A well geared Vildred can farm very fast but if you just want a safe farm Violet on Abyss life steal set works fairly well to

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