Dear Developers; A response to the hunt
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Dear Developers; A response to the hunt [6]

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Allow me to help you with some math.

You release a hero every 2 weeks. That hero requires gear in 6 positions, if you do not count the artifact. Many of us only get enough gear for 4, maybe 6 heroes, in a few months, because upgrading to 15 takes a lot of time and a lot of money and in general the RNG is not in our favour. So when people complained about hunt, they didn't just want freebees. They wanted to be able to give their new heroes gear, without actually having to strip other heroes.

Let me just emphasize, that removing the gearing costs and adding more loot to the game, is not going to reduce your revenue, it's going to increase it. Because every hero you get, is pointless if you can't give them any good gear. 

So when I saw the changes to hunt, I was hyped. However....

When I Experienced the changes to Hunt, I felt deeply disappointed in your ability to correctly assess the situation.

Instead of adding a second tier/table of loot, you just added more random loot that could drop from the boss. But that further distills/thins the actual output of loot. If I have 100% and I have to divide the 100% over 5 items, it's a 20% chance for every item. But when you add like, 3 or 4 more to that same pool of 100%, I suddenly only have a 11% chance to get gear that I need. When I do hunt, I don't want bookmarks. I don't want Skystones. I don't want energy refunds (I mean, really???), I want valid, usable gear. 

I really completely do not understand, how you can say that you increased the benefits, when the main complaint, a.k.a. NOT GETTING GEAR, is not being addresses properly!? Sure it's great! that you added accessoires to the loot. But why is it on the same table as the rest of the gear? I don't need my odds further distilled!

What players want: 

- No more flat stats

- Higher chance for reasonable rolls

- Higher chance for higher quality gear

- Potentially multiple pieces of gear from a run

- The ability to actually equip new heroes every two weeks

What players got:

- Still terrible rng and flat stats

- Lower chance to get the gear they want, because now it's a fight between Headgear, Chest, Feet, Weapons, Rings, Amulets, Skystones, energy :(, and bookmarks. Getting that 1 bookmark makes me want to throw my phone at the wall.

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I'd like to say that in my opinion the energy increase to hunt was completely unnecessary. Now I have little motivation to even run it because it takes way too much energy. Guess I'll just have to buy shop and use labrynth gear cause I'm not doing that much energy per run. I'm at stage 6 rn and it doesn't seem worth it at all. And at stage 11 20 energy per run? Smh. Unless you start throwing energy out nope. I'm not wasting my skystones and money on energy 110% of the time. 

Did my 150 hunts for Hazel SC.
Not a single good item... Just "meh" ones...

I am still getting rare (blue) gear like 90% of the time.. I thought the rates were changed? Literally everything is always rare. Out of 1000 stamina I get like 5 equips that are not rare.

the extra things that can drop are nice but shouldnt take up a slot they should be just that (extra) on top of guaranteed crafting resource drops that it should always be giving


Smilegate, please make the first wave mobs drop any of this new stuff. Please make the actual Hunt boss drop gear.

The Hunt first wave mob reduction was nice to save some time. It would be nice to do the same to Spirit Altar first round mobs.


And wanna add little salt to the wound Hazel SC sucks. Fuck you devs... Fuck you... 

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