Idea For SC Helga (Norse Goddess Helga)
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Idea For SC Helga (Norse Goddess Helga) [6]

Stay with me on this one, Helga is clearly a viking, she needs to train to give up her measly axe in place of her hammer. After training for so long, a message from the Gods reveal the location of a mythical hammer that only she can yield.

Ok besides that rough idea which could obviously be changed, I could see how she would be useful, I would normally say this would make more sense as a Light hero since my suggestion involves lightning but either would work, I think with the SC you get more back story so it's a lot more fun.

The idea came about with how drastically Hazel's moveset has been changed after SC, and I even had an idea for maybe just her S3, I guess it could be cool to dream and get other peoples ideas what else she could have?

I thought the S3 could be "Call of the Gods" with this description- Attacks all enemies with a thunderous shout from the sky, with a 35% chance to stun for 1 turn. Attack up on all allies for 2 turns as a blessing from above, Attack up (greater) on self for 1 turn.

That's all I've got. 

I must say, if you don't have anything nice to say about this, please don't comment, this is just a fun thought and suggestion, so if it gets noticed for what it is then that's great! If no one else thinks she needs a major design and character overhaul that's fine too, I just think it's a missed opportunity and could work really well.

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why have you lost hope Azikus? I'm glad you like my idea though, I hope they see it and give it some thought for when they do the SC for her :)

Honestly after Hazel SC I have lost all my hope.

But your idea is pretty good. 

I actually just heard that like a minute ago haha, I was watching a video and they mentioned it, I was like welp... there goes my idea :(. I do hope they go with this kind of idea though, definitely seeing her with a hammer too would make a lot of sense, don't you think?

sc helga is in the files along with sc montmorency

yeah of course, I already thought that, but it would be a cool idea for the future, don't you think?

To bad there already two earth sc roozid and kluri wait for longer time, 1 more fire and 2 light and 2 water

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Idea For SC Helga (Norse Goddess Helga) [6]

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