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Hit set question [5]

What do a hit set? Why is good on kise if she dont aply debuffs I was reading a guide and put to build speed and hit set but i thought that hit set was only to inflict debuffs.

Someone knows?

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hit/effectiveness is used to counter effect resistance

effectiveness doesn't increase the chance of your skill effect chance, like tenebria s3 65% -Def, it won't increase the 65% chance

kise s3 is 100% -2 turns CD, but if your enemy have 50% effect resistance, thats mean your enemy has 50% chance to resist the -2 turns CD

but, if your enemy doesn't have any effect resistance at all, then effectiveness does nothing at all

Effectiveness helps you inflict the chance of negative effects, not just debuffs. Any negative effect has a chance to be resisted by the opposing unit. Effectiveness lowers this resist chance. For example, if kise were to use her S3, having higher effectiveness would increase the chance that she will be able to increase the enemy's skill cooldown. 

Another example is Commander Lorina. Lorina does not inflict any "debuffs" but her S3 pushes back the enemy's combat readiness (negative effect). So, having some effectiveness on Commander Lorina is useful to make sure that this effect is not resisted.

In terms of what set to use, if you have JUDGE KISE use speed/hit. If you have regular KISE then use attack/crit.

Hope this helps.

that guide must be pertaining to Judge Kise, bcoz her S3 benefits from effectiveness

speed sets with atk% are usually better overall for her, althought an atk set with a lot of speed in it would be great too.

Never follow any guide blindly, I have seen many players follow A because it is stated in the guide A, etc. Try to understand why certain set or stats is useful to the hero, dont build it because the guide says so. Kise is a DPS hero, it depends on where you want to use her. Go with Atk/crit for PvE or go with Spd/crit with Atk% substat for PvP. Hit set does nothing to her, because her skill doesnt benefit from effectiveness stat.

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