Please update hunts asap
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Please update hunts asap [2]

Smilegate, if you can nerf the energy drops a day after the patch,

then you should be capable of implementing the planned changes in your recent announcement immediately as well.

You introduced a specialty change quest that involves hunts after all, so you really should update them asap.

Not everyone wants to burn stamina for low level hunts just to do her SC. Why do we have to wait until next week's update for this?

You really got to fix that mentality wherein

a slight advantage for us players = Abuse, must nerf asap.

update that benefit the players = OK to postpone next week.

It's really appalling when you're being upfront with this behavior.

(and no, the energy drop was barely an "abuse"...)

edit:toned down the rant, sorry.

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People should complain, if I lock you in a cage and give you a piece of bread and a bottle of water a week, you gonna just sit there and not complain?

oh look, another QQ thread - grab popcorn 

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