Critical Bug in Guild War Display
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Bug Reports


Bug Reports

Critical Bug in Guild War Display [2]

BUG: The defense team shown in the tower is not the same as the one when battle is entered. This makes scouting out enemy teams worthless and makes every battle a coin flip on what you get.

It is thought to be reproduced when someone changes their defense team AFTER they are put in by the guild leader.

Please test and fix this bug as fast as possible(preferably before next guild war), because this is an extremely abusable bug.

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Lost 3 out of 6 of my guild fights becuase of this bug becuase the guild I fought against abused the glitch almost all their defenses were super easy low ranked defenses (Like Ras Mercedes etc) lured in and when we got into the battle it was a full team of level 60s or just completely different elements so we had a massive disadvantage please fix this Smilegate before the next guild war or I feel like more guilds will take advantage of the glitch just to stay alive

Yup. Ran into this myself

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